Groove Space Feline

TDC1109: Make a cat, on a synthesiser, in space.

Groove Space Feline

I am anxious to get some felt tip pens and markers for drawing exercises as Sketchnoting for Beginnerswell as trying my hand, eye, and mind in sketchnoting by reviewing the work of Sylvia Duckworth and others. .

But I also need to jump into some image manipulation as well. So for this daily create I downloaded a trial of Photoshop to create the drawing. I have Adobe CS6 suite and have not used it – but it is on my desktop and was a lot more comfy in my chair in the living room to do this tonight. (explains the 30 day trial)

Was good to get into PS and have things like layers etc. come back a little bit.

From the submissions available when writing this post – this is the one that more meets what I also had in my brain. Janelle Pierangelino has my vote for the best!

Cat on a Synthesizer in Space

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