The Duke Impersonator/Western Reflections

Daily Creates #1477 Do a Duke Selfie and  #1481 Western Window Reflection

It has been almost a month since making resolutions. I had resolved to do more ds106 Daily Creates – at least 3 in a week. I have fallen short already. One thing I did learn from the 365 Photo a Day was that if you missed don’t use it as an excuse, get back up on that horse and ride! Here are 2 Daily Creates.

Daily creates of creating a imposter selfie and seeing the western landscape in your own window.


Used Photo shop and cut out John Wayne’s face with a photo of me trying to do a Duke face. Changed all to B&W and then cropped it.

tdc1481 Western Window Reflection

Added a photo from @searaympmuffin of a California desert landscape and reduced the opacity. Also altered the perspective to make it fit the angle of the window.

#tdc1470 Cowgirl Name Generator – My Intro

I have been tardy and absent in official Daily Creates. So much for resolutions and keeping up with #western106. In December the all call sounded that Daily Create runs on ideas submitted by the community and to “pony up”. I had looked at #western106 types of things and came across a name generator – so I submitted the idea used for #tdc1470 to TDC.

Dang nabbit! it made the cut and showed up today. How can I not do the one I submitted? Guess this is the keg of dynamite I needed to go off under me to get up to speed and get at least 3 in a week done and posted. Now mind you – I have created each day – just not the tdc prompts. I do read and view others work each day and try to add a comment for a creator on their blog as much as possible.

When the name generator assigned me the cowgirl name of Annie “Tiny Dancer” Jones – my mind immediately went to Elton John’s Tiny Dancer – but that was way not cowboy – well it could be – but not the kind I was looking for and the only Elton John song I found was Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy – interesting – but not what I wanted. Elton has some good music but never fits where I am for some reason. He was the “surprise” artist at the Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Celebration. We scrambled and were 3rd row from the stage. All sorts of rumors of who was going to be the surprise headliner. As the day went by waiting and the vendors were “Rocket Man” t-shirts it seemed imminent. On the one hand a great opportunity to see a great performer live – but so not what the mood and vibe was for a 100 year celebration of a motorcycle company and lifestyle. Some day – maybe – an Elton John song will connect with what I am seeing in my head – but I ain’t going to worry about it.

I searched YouTube for Cowboy Tiny Dancer and it gave me some choices. I stumbled upon the work of Scott David Winn- a film maker, song writer and director. The video is Old West Dance Battle – Cowboy vs Outlaw. The music pulled me in – catchy tune that reminded me of Zumba class – “Boom Boom Red”. One of the things I have done for me besides creating art, is Zumba classes – mind you – Zumba Gold – more low impact and not as much twisting and hip motions – but the group does get its groove on for sure. 🙂

While the song and music video is longer and tells a story, a short part seemed just right for introducing Annie “Tiny Dancer” Jones. What I did like about the video is that it takes the old west and plays it in a more modern context and it works. Again the western genre for me seems timeless and just the overlay of looking at culture, life, and what is going on. The structures and components don’t seem to have a date stamp on them.

I downloaded the clip, made some cuts, added a title and end. Just enough for a daily create.

The other bag of gold I found was the next video of behind the scenes of making the music video. Some great commentary on steps and thoughts of creating the production and some chuckles too. So very #ds106.



Cowgirl Selfie TDC1451

Daily Create #1451 – Cowgirl Selfie

Wearing my #western106 hat.

Work day Duds - #western106

tdc1451 Cowgirl Hat

#western106 may or may not take place – but I am getting my gear ready so I am prepared.

Print All Over me!

Daily Create #1352

I have been deep into creating content and organizing a family digital story lately, but check the daily create and jump in when I can. The words “print all over me” reminded me of an app I had downloaded. Found it in my list and re-activated it. Grabbed a pictrure from May when we were watching the Kentucky Derby and decided to put hats on (may have had something to do with the beverages!)

I created a ds106 word list and added it to the app, uploaded my picture and went from there. It’s a nice little app called WordFoto

Back to my other creations! But will be listening to the UMW student radio tweet along on ds106 radio.


Doodle – #tdc1348


Daily creates are just perfect to work on while waiting for video rendering!

Converting some footage for use in a family project and it has 25 minutes of conversion before I can import it into my editor. I recently joined a Zumba Gold class that meets 2x a week. The gold means – slowed down and low impact! A great hour 2x a week. The position of the doodle start reminded me of being in the class.

I used my Paper53 app on my iPad and a finger. Misplaced my stylus someplace! More lines would have been drawn if the stylus was around.

Zumba! Doodle
Zumba! Doodle
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