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Design work for Unit 6/7 – Create a Poster/Logo for character and radio show

Working on a design poster for announcing the audio creation of learning units 6/7. My audio event will be a part of the story of my character – Jerry. Location of the story is on the Eastside of Milwaukee.  I chose this photo for a few reasons – he looks handsome and alluring – who wouldn’t want to tune in? It helps keep this short chapter of the story somewhat in a #noir theme. Something about cigarettes isn’t it?

I brought the Eastside colors in thru use of orange and gray/black. Enough to add some punch, but still keep the black and white feel of the photo graph. I used the heavier saturation for the large E to balance out the orange block on the other side. The lower edge of the E is eye level with the subject to take the viewer’s eye from title to face. Teh eye then should travel down the arm to the ds106 radio tag. Any feedback on placement effect or tweaks welcome.

jerryposterfilterednoiseThis next shown version I added a noise filter to soften the photo. Playing with filters yet as another extension of PS. May need to go in and brighten the orange again for this to work.

Prior to feedback from others, the poster had a halo effect and still looked a little choppy and should we say – “photoshopped”. Using some input from others I was able to go in and use more tools, broaden my depth into PS and come up with the poster at the beginning of this post.

Here is the first keeper that was put out for feedback.

Hot man of Eastside - ds106 poster

Another version I considered was to make it bold and use a stronger background – but I am leaning towards the above example as more effective. Some edge work needs to be done to clean up if the one below would be used. I abandoned it at this stage and began work on the above option when it didn’t feel like it was working.

ds106 Poster

Now time to start focusing on audio. Intro and exit bumpers and theme song.

10 thoughts on “Hot Man of Eastside”

  1. I love the promo! The colors work together and it isn’t too cluttered like some TV posters are. I like the simple elegance. Also, it makes me interested to listen to your radio show! It doesn’t give anything away, but creates kind of a mystery surrounding this man. Now I want to know who he is and what happens to him!

  2. I agree with Amy, the design here is elegant, and the color tones takes it beyond the stereotypical black and white, almost reinforcing the idea of different sides (color, east). His expression too is rather ambiguous, it could be playful or slightly malicious.

    Still a bit of selection halo, you might want to look at the option when you select to feather the selection (it smoothes out the margin some). Sometimes what I do is use the magic wand to select all of the areas outside of Jerry, then use Select -> Modify Expand and maybe expand the selection 2 pixels. Then Select -> Modify -> Feather maybe two pixels. Then delete the selection. If done right, it nudges the edges in a bit and smoothes the border.

    Other times you can go in with a high zoom and use an eraser brush with a feathered edge to knock down those jagged borders.

    Learning selection tools is key! The advanced level is learning to use alpha masks because you can adjust without destroying the image content.

    • Thanks for the tips! And yes – the aha was in doing this and asking myself – what is this other tool and what does it do? and mostly – “there has to be a tool that gets this done without as much trouble! – Find it!”.
      Used many more tools than I have in the past and it is key – learning what they are and when to use them. The assignments give the opportunity for practice and growth with a target of each time adding another new feature to creation construction.
      Alpha masks…….well that will be a future target after a lot more practice!

  3. Kathy, this is very well done! I am so glad you added the pop of color to really draw the viewers eye in, even though black and white tend to be the norm color palate of noir … definitely gives it a modern twist! Also I applaud the time you spent to really carefully and meticulously make sure the edge around Jerry stayed as smooth as possible during the editing process … I envy your steady hand, and your photoshop skills in general! With my other classes, I simply haven’t had the time to delve into Photoshop, but it’s definitely something I plan to do during my future digital and/or design endeavors. Glad to have finally found your blog!

    • Thanks for the feedback Amy! I appreciate it. Reminds me I am not just talking to myself.
      Make sure @jimgroom, @mburtis @phb256 give you extra credit points for commenting on a #ds106 open course learner! or I will have to connect with Jack or the Russian to add a little influence. 😉
      You are modeling 4life.

      • hahahah I’ve been wondering this whole time as to whether or not you are a student and now I know! also, thank you for being so awesome all the time and giving us encouragement not just in our ds106 efforts, but those of our life as well! Econ was’t so hot, but the good news is my prof. does test corrections … Thank heavens for those few good professors out there! Especially the DS106 ones 🙂


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