The Cows are Coming Home!


Design Week at the Bovine County FairyTale Festival


Celtic Series Poster

NanaLou is working with her granddaughter Rochelle, Cousin Ron, and the famous Headless Inkspots of #ds106 to pull together a Celtic musical performance on “The Porch”.

“The Porch” is where the adults gather at sunset after the children have had their story time and are settling in for the night. With the Fairy Tale Festival in full swing – performances and jam sessions are happening around the themes of the festival.

The Black-Spotted Maid performance is anxiously awaited. How it came to be? Well – NanaLou can tell you!

One thing I really appreciate about a network of people who collaborate is how I am pushed to reach for my best. I think that might be the case in just publishing for others to see as well – but when you have an active group it does help you to reach your best at the time.

I had an idea for this promo poster when @RockyLou22 posted she was working on it. I pulled something together at a late night hour and let the group know I was working on something…..

While I liked the bright colors and some other things – it was just quickly put together. On rare occasions you luck out and the first one is a charm – looking at this one, I needed to go back (and yet after it is all done – there are still some things I like about this version).

I pulled it up again to work on it in PhotoShop.

  • Open PNG file of NanaLou’s porch
  • Open Cow GIF in another file
  • Clear out background of cow pic
  • Smooth edges and clean up
  • Save, copy and paste into poster file as layer
  • Create a background layer – went with a pink to hint at sunset
  • Put background in as Dissolve and pattern
  • Blurred background
  • Used Filter – Clouds Made this base layer
  • Changed opacity on porch graphic to give it more of a late in the day feel
  • Added Text
  • Used  Warped Text Features to create titles lots of playing around!
  • oh…..and I followed NanaLou’s lead and installed a celtic looking font….
  • Went back in and cleared out more of the treehouse pic to give it more grounding and be able to see horizon line.
  • From there it was mostly moving, looking at things – tweaking – increasing the canvas size and images so there was more balance….

Glad I had others who would be looking at it as it pushed me to make it better!

I did do the first draft with a GIF of SuperMoo’s cape in the wind….still need to go back and do that! Ahhh!!! the pressure! But I love it!




2 thoughts on “The Cows are Coming Home!”

    • Thank you. Not sure about skills – just practice more than others perhaps? This type of thing for me is actually faster than most creations for me. Total for this was about 2.5 hours and that is with going back and moving things just an smidge etc. It is my “on the couch” activity time.


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