Gornie Invoice – delivering the finger physically?


Bill Clark Invoice – pdf full view

Invoice Jerry's Gornie

I created an invoice for webassignment58 based on an event of my character in his freshman year of high school.

I was not aware of this interpretation of gornie until reading the book Eastside: fractured Tales of Milwaukee’s Eastside and finding my Dad’s name in it as this event. My mom was Italian. We all had a gold gornie necklace and told it was an Italian good luck charm. I still have mine on a charm necklace with some other charms and wear it on holidays. My mom wore one most of her life. This gives me a little more insight into why it was special for her and that she wore it with pride for 53 years of marriage before she passed away.

This is 3 stars – but with character development, seemed this is more of a 1.5-2 at this point. Most of the creation is in writing and connecting to a story line.

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