Resigned to Relax in the Village


I have resigned to relax in the village for the next 7 weeks.

I’m joining the #prisoner106 version of DS106 for the Summer of 2015. It’s based on “The Prisoner”. I still need to resign myself to watch the series of 17 shows.

I’m checking into the Village with my official Village information card.

Every village needs a little HGTV influence and attention to budget. As I will be using Dr. M.’s transporter between the Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival and Prisoner106 along with some others – it will be necessary for total relaxation in an environment that makes one happy. I am happy when I am creating not only digitally, but in whatever environment I am occupying. Residents of the village are welcome to stop by my room for any interior update planning.

As with most projects – there will be some surprises, delays, and innovations. I am not sure if I will come out on schedule, behind or if all will go according to design – we shall see!

Process for Info Card:

I downloaded the .psd file from the village office. With the base, I cropped myself out of a picture from a painting party night just less than one year ago. I thought the apron would work as my photo. I did use Photoshop as I have the program. I did a magic wandselection and resized my photo to fit in the file. I then realized I should be wearing the issued black jacket   and had to lose my apron! While a prisoner – it is a happy village I am told, so I decided to alter my issue jacket with a splash of color which is just a photo of paint splatter that is skewed and scaled (look under Edit when the photo is in an active layer). I did the same with adding an artist’s beret so that other residents could easily spot me if they wanted some interior design consultation.

Info: I am only sure that I resigned while in an exhausted state from a recent home renovation spree and hope that when I begin to relax I find it is just that – relaxing. I have never been one to pick sides and am not ready to do so. While I may end up leaning in one direction over another – I have always liked hopping back and forth as well as finding the best in every side to focus on instead of wasting time in worrying about things that have already happened. What has happened? I do expect moving about the Internet forgetting if I am in Bovine Texas weeding fairy gardens, Prisoner Village redesigning rooms, Wisconsin or anywhere else.

I already resigned and forgot to make sure my posts were picked up by a category!! I will need to contact number 2 soon!

It will be an exciting summer. I look forward to meeting you – and just let me know when you need your room painted or updated.

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