2015 -Starting from the end to the beginning

Creating the digital family stories for 2015. Starting with the end – Christmas 2015.

I am creating some “Chapter” videos for Christmas 2015. Prep, Christmas Day, Christmas with Family and then the Crazy Family Christmas.

From there I will go backwards and create videos, slide shows and other designs for each month about what family was doing etc.

Going forward I am now set up to create each month as it happens. The digital organization is in a good place – still needs some tweaks and some faocus – but so much better than before. A post on the process and system will be coming soon. Light Room has been great. Google Photos, Apple Photos and iCloud also have a role in management. Next is getting the family stories website in order and updated!

2016 will bring continuing the story creation and organization. Creating a family recipe site, getting ready for my first grandchild by doing hands on creation in nursery prep and in creating the digital story of waiting for arrival. Hoping I can keep up with all of my ideas. And oh-yeah – maybe fitting in #western106 too!

This video was created in iMovie using photos and video captured by family and self. I used Google Audio for sound…..nice to not have the ads show up in the product!

Cowgirl Selfie TDC1451

Daily Create #1451 – Cowgirl Selfie http://daily.ds106.us/tdc1451/

Wearing my #western106 hat.

Work day Duds - #western106

tdc1451 Cowgirl Hat

#western106 may or may not take place – but I am getting my gear ready so I am prepared.

Daily create…..Mirror and no camera


I had to try the daily create #1427. I haven’t been using the daily create like I would like too or should. Other life creating has been consuming my time.  Look at the submissions and the directions here: http://daily.ds106.us/tdc1427/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

But this one caught my eye and I had to try it. Yep – I am a nerd – I had to smile and make this fun. I also could not focus my camera and have my fingers on the mirror – but hope it is close enough to do the trick.

Key to doing is having dark and no pattern – hence the fuzzy shirt. The first time I did it, I lost one of my hand shots.


A good thing is it was still on the camera so I could correct it.

There are SO many COOL things you can do if you take the time and think them through.

I have NO idea as to when this would be useful or how to apply it – but it was a brain teaser and puzzle to solve.