Designing with Tom Mix in Malaysia

I had actually started doing this design prior to the official start of #western106 back in October. I was starting to look at cowboys and media.  Tom Mix was the tangent I was reading – who he was etc.

I found these in my files as I was cleaning up things. I had forgotten it was a quest to try and create a design assignment for #western106. Good community practice is if you create or suggest an assignment, you need to do the assignment and provide the first example for others to take off from and improve and extend.

I had seen an article someone suggested on Malaysian puppet art and super heroes –  The visuals stood out and fascinated me and I immediately thought #ds106 could really do this justice and create many different rifs.

I started playing with the concept in the #western106 theme rather than superheroes. I had actually gotten to a point of creating some pieces, but put it aside thinking I would come back to it and actually make it into something more complete.

Just want to get it posted so I remember to get back to it. I still think this could be really cool. I have some memory of looking ofr patterns so that they were part of the design. The holes for light seemed to be necessary as well  – and how do you put in the sticks??? From the outcomes I have right now – not sure I hit the concept I was going for – which is why they were probably not posted and just loaded into Flickr for keeping. I also remember using multiple applications. Photo Shop, Paper53 – so again – never figured out a path to the end result I was going for….

So here they are – maybe someone else can figure out how to make it a viable assignment or maybe I will get back to it again in the future. And with the shadows – doesn’t that shout out gif to you?


Gif for Mariana

While I have been busy with other life things – I still keep a finger on the pulse of #ds106. Mariana Funes had a birthday this week. The ds106 Shrink on the couch gives abundantly of her time, support and attention to all those in who travel #ds106. The #tdc1499 daily create was to honor her birthday with a gif.

I chose a dog and also changing the color span. Mariana is a whiz at creating artsy minimal gifs and a dog lover.

I love the outcome and now that I have done a low color GIF may have found a new obsession.

I have also now adapted the GIF without the birthday wishes for use.

Everyday Math and Creating Elephants and Chevrons

January has been full of creative activities, but not ones that fall within ds106.

My daughter is going to be a mom and is due in April. She invited me to help create the nursery – aka as Mom can you paint for us? Together we went thru what her visions might be, what she liked etc. A very loving person and sensitive she didn’t want to shoot for the stars and would be perfectly happy with just something ordinary. However – this is also my grandchild and why should we take the simple way out!

I offered chevron on an accent wall and she accepted. 🙂 What a real life math adventure. How many chevrons? How wide? How to factor in the tape width? Yikes! But I got there and it was fun trying to figure it out. The best information and guidance I found was from Smart Girls DIY – the directions, photos, math formulas and the discussion made the most sense to me and broke everything down into segments that I could adjust to my own thinking and learning style.

Taping the wall

After measuring the wall and creating a grid it was time to tape and keep my inside and outside diagonals in sync.

My first Chevron Wall!

I think it turned out well.

Making progress

Math was involved in trying to figure out the window treatments and how to hang them. How much white to cut, linings – right side- wrong side.

More in place

Creating the cushions for the chair…whew! More math and measuring!

Adding Changing Table

But it came together and our Teddy has his spot and is waiting for Baby to watch over.  The dresser was  painted and up graded from old as well.

Cakes Completed

A diaper and essentials cake(s) was built. This was hands on maker stuff – building the levels and making them sturdy enough to transport.

Essentials Cake

and more creating – painting a canvas board so that guests at the baby shower could place their thumbprints and name as documentation of who celebrated.

Guest Book Project

Now onto #western106 and some more GIFs!