Designblitz is a #noir106 assignment. 

The open course version is to do a photoblitz. I may still do the photoblitz. With a heavier concentration on design in the noir syllabus I preferred the direction of assignments that were suggested.

The challenge was to find at least 4 photo ops that would illustrate the design concept out of the 10 principles listed. When you are looking for design principles they are actually harder to find. You search for one and miss the ones that were right in front of you because you had a different search going on in your head. At one point I thought maybe it would be better to do it photo blitz style and just take a whole load of pictures and then go back and analyze them for design. Each method has its pluses and minuses. The other challenge is to post only one for each concept. For someone with over 7300 pics in my Flickr Photostream – you can see narrowing down is not a strength!

Here I the ones I chose to share here:

1. Form and Symmetry – or Balance

These are 3 concrete painted white forms as an art piece in front of a TJMaxx store. With our winter snowfall around them they take on a new look and the forms begin to take on another dimension. They attracted my attention with being white and the snow that is round them at this time. The snow adds texture but also emphasizes the forms through contrast. Symmetry is part of the original design, and the snow emphasizes that even more by not being symmetrical.

Balance is evident and created by the symmetry. This one picture is an example of how many design elements can create a design and a viewer may see one over another.

2. Symbolism


I went with this image for symbolism. The neon gives color, shape and light -but also symbolism by identifying a motorcycle. I am in Milwaukee – home of Harley Davidson. Motorcycle symbols come in several flavors. This is on display and actually for sale at a local lighting store. The store itself is unique and provided for some fun photo ops while I was there.

3. Rhythm

2012_04 Patterns

This is cardboard inserts stacked next to each other. Rhythm and pattern happen in the repeat of the layers of the cardboard. Looking at them as multiples instead of separately repeats and creates the rhythm.

  • This is an example of a Regular rhythm: A regular rhythm occurs when the intervals between the elements, and often the elements themselves, are similar in size or length



This just struck me as Noir time. The typography is part of the advertising. It actually is an original. Another find at the lighting store. The use of the outline and capitals easily puts the type as the focus and the graphics of the people as support.

5. Scale

Fun with Clips

Scale is the dimensional element defined by other elements of design size relative to art, its surroundings or in relation to humans. Scale is the size of an element as it relates to its usual physical size. I chose to take this picture mostly because I liked the idea of a large and small paperclip and how huge the one looks compared to the other. It is 5 years old – but what came to mind when I couldn’t find anything to photo shoot. We are experiencing winter right now and getting around especially outside is a challenge. Too cold! (minus 30F).

6.Another one from the files.

Lighting Row

Going out and finding design elements, taking a photo of it and then describing why it is an example is not as easy as it sounds.

One thing about design is that the more simple it looks, the more complicated it probably is!

To view submissions by Noir and ds106 participants. use the tag designblitz in Flickr to see submissions.

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