The Boys are Hired!

The Boys of 4LC – The Dream Team

One of my #ds106 projects is in development and is growing larger than I had anticipated. I have added on staff for help. Their full bios and details will be part of the 4LC site launching soon. It was just so fantastic that I was able to hire these experts that I couldn’t wait to announce their joining the team! Having a public announcement hopefully will keep headhunters off their trail for a while so I don’t lose them too. They are my Dream Team!

From left to right:

The Boys
Who says #noir is about cats! These boys prove otherwise!

Jaxin: The older, but wiser of the bunch. He keeps things in line and makes sure we all know what is important. Making sure we drink, eat, and sleep. He also keeps the other 2 in line. 14 years of experience.

Teddy: The youngest of the team. He supplies the energy and attitude, keeping us fresh and relevant. His antics open up new directions that we never thought of, but sometimes can get in the way of staying on task. A good balance. Still an intern status – but moving up fast after 1 year.

Sam: The lover of the group. Strives to please everyone by supporting through continuous tail wagging and “going upside down” for belly rubs. Makes sure that all are attentive by using squeak toys to get everyone’s attention and get back on task. Mid career and top of his game at 8 years.

As a team they can sniff out details and find things no one else knew existed. They are ready to support and serve you in 4LC.

CONTACT THE BOYS – Available for sub-contracting!


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