Queen Tillie and the Rabbi

Design Unit

Create a tv/movie poster that captures the essence of the story with minimalist design/iconography.

Poster: Minimal Design

Based on my character Jerry and the adventures and daily activities of growing up on Milwaukee’s Eastside in the early 50’s.

This was 2.5 stars, however it seemed easier for me. Having done professional work in websites, learning systems, professional development promotional brochures – the idea of a minimalist or any kind of poster or flyer seemed like another day at the office. Although the days doing this kind of things were anything but “another day” – they were the fun days of being able to create.

Design principles in play are:

  • Color – keeping to one color and shades/tints.
  • minimalism and use of space –  framing and using the rules of thirds was helpful in framing for visual impact and effect.
  • symbols – using the icons of the football helmet and the buildings.

One can make a case for many design elements but focusing on a few brings the result into being.

Using PhotoShop for image creation using layers and beginning with 3 rectangles of color each a little smaller to make the frame. Icons and text were than added. The image flattened and exported as a jpeg for publishing. The icons were selected and edited to add or change color for this poster. The E was lime green when found. The helmet was only a black and white icon. Times Roman is the font.

Queen Tillie and the Rabbi were the class president and the class thug turned businessman in life who narrate the story of the neighborhood and the adventures, antics and life of those who lived on Milwaukee’s Eastside in the 1950s.

Post Script: It is really bugging me that I didn’t align and make the borders even! Every time I see this I want to go back and adjust. And if you didn’t see it – thank you….! I will go back and fix that….just not sure when…..balancing learning and products yet. 🙂

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