Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

village-jim-grooms_John@mdvfunes asked if I had seen any signs on my walks through the Village.

I did! – But you know they are watching! So I carefully placed a  camera in my hat and tried to capture some of the signs as best I could for Mariana to research. Because of the covert mission – they are not following any artistic or creative interpretations – pretty much pointing the lens as directly as I could and snapping.

I hope I don’t get in trouble – Number Six did this too and we know what happened with him.

Good Luck Mariana – I am not sure what these all mean, but they raise questions.

Here is the album of photos of the signs.

A few stand out to me-

Who is number 7?

Who is #7?

A bar with no alcohol?


And I thought this guy retired a few times? Maybe he really resigned?

A big deal!



4 thoughts on “Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs”

  1. hmmm….These sign are certainly different! Might this be a new experiment from the guardians? Glad you were not seen. You saw what happened to our philosopher in the hospital! She did get nice bright knee tape as a gift though.

  2. Well, those are certainly some interesting signs, let me just say.

    I am not sure why, but after seeing them all I am thinking for some reason that I want to eat some ice cream. I don’t know if it is some kind of strange subliminal Village message, but I am thinking about flavours of ice cream, like lots of different numbers of flavours of it. And I want to go eat some.

    Well, bye!

    • TalkyTina – I KNOW – me too. Strange and strong Ice Cream cravings too. I also saw another resident wearing a shirt that had the sign “I go the distance for Ice cream!”. Couldn’t get a clear shot of it with my camera hat without getting caught.


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