Van Gogh in the Kitchen

Daily Create 1271

Do a creative edit in the spirit of Alexey Kondakov. Embed a famous painting in an everyday setting. Have fun!

HT @patlockley

Van Gogh has always been a favorite of mine. With the season – flowers in a vase on my kitchen table is just days away – so this was a way to bring the famous still life into my daily life.

After a session of working on a GIF for the Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival Artists in Residence. So it was a day of Photoshop!. I found a visual of the painting – used the magic wand and cut out the background and pasted it on the photo. To prep the photo I needed to cut out and use Content Aware as the fill to remove the real centerpiece on the table. I used the smudge tool to soften up the wood and copied and pasted some parts to fill in holes. I also SCALED and used Perspective to make the vase fit on the table.

Pretty much it – but it was a good exercise. The submissions by others are well thought out.

Now I want sunflowers on my table!!!

Famous Art Embedded in Daily Life

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