DS106 and the Ed Administrator FairyTale – Flipbook Exploration

I am building Flipbooks of family stories and leaning the software and possible distributions. This is a learning exercise in posting the book in a WordPress site.

This example Flipbook is put together quickly from some other content, but gave me the chance to try the embed video and some other features. To build this the content is created and then saved as a pdf which is imported into Flipbuilder. After it is loaded, you are able to customize and arrange for your final outcome.

The stories I am working on will need to be accessible by family as easily as possible and an online version seems the path over creating hard media with instructions on loading etc. Some hints on how to use the links in the book might be needed. The advantage of having content in primary sources and not uploading files etc. is a consideration as well. With an online version I can update content on storage sites as long as the link in the book stays the same.

The options for publishing are:

  • Create a zip file and distribute. Takes time to load and depending on machine set ups may need some hoops to jump through. Instructions to find index.html etc and having a Chrome browser is necessary
  • Create HTML files – more technical directions
  • Upload to provider – paid for service
  • FTP to website – whoa – that calls back skills I haven’t used in a while!
  • Export as WordPress Plugin and activate in my own domain (from ReclaimHosting.com) Distribute link – YES! Did this in under 10 minutes! and it seems to work – what do you think?

Thanks to @rockylou22 – Rochelle Lockridge, for modeling the Flipbook possibilities. Love it!

The Flipbook!


***the one thing I didn’t remember to do with this example was to add the sound file of the narration of the story….but I know that is possible and will work in the future! 

and of course – the video version – it is all about building from one thing to another!

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