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eye selfie

Make your eye selfie to support the idea of interpersonal attentiveness and become part of the art installation now doing the rounds in Europe.

One of the tasks that breaks the illusion of who you are and what you look like. I see age and a longer journey in my eyes that is not present in others. It also brings to reality that from the other side of the lens you see yourself differently. The outside packaging doesn’t always match what is inside. 🙂

Also have now learned that when cropping and editing a photo it may not pull into the dailycreate stream nicely – all I have is part nose and edge of glasses in the stream LOL. Oh well – maybe it gets people to click and move farther than they would otherwise…..yup, I am going with that thought – just trying to help community connections. 🙂

Really don’t like this one. Where did all those wrinkles come from?!! It is so not the view from the other side eyesof the lens!  As a photograph I do like it – the lighting the highlights and shadows. 57 years but hoping and working towards another 30+ to go and have no intention of my inside being anything like the outside as I go forward. Too much to learn, too much to experience and too many people to meet. Love diversity and change. Thanks for the companionship along the path of life – no matter who you are.

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