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Create a word painting tdc1113


Many of the challenges are tempting to take farther and probably will show up somehow in an assignment, a reflection, a more full production. HAvE TO REMEMBER TO KEEP THEM IN PLACE! Enjoy them, have fun with them and think of them as my “sloppy copies” of great things to come!. I am pacing and repeating to myself to stick within a 10-20 minute timeframe so they become the appetizers or the energy juice towards a fuller more detailed creation. These are not suppose to be more than just playing with ideas and looking at things you might not have done otherwise. To create something each day and see how it may one day grow into a more complete creation. Also to keep one open to new ideas, processes and opportunities. Staying the course keeps it within reality and doable without losing out on the opportunity to create and stretch mind and imagination.

For this one I used a photo I took and added the word art through Photoshop.

What Storytelling means to me at the start of ds106

What do I associate with the word storytelling?

  • history and the future
  • reflection of an event or time looked at thru heart and soul
  • colors, textures, voices, music – whether it is actual or in words
  • tales to explain to others visions and beliefs
  • humor
  • people I know, want to know, or really don’t know at all

Storytelling is an art work and a medium that communicates to others ideas, feelings, and possibilities in a way that engages the senses and emotions.

There are a few individuals who made storytelling memorable to me. My Dad and my father-in-law. Both were able to captivate and hold interest as they would tell stories of family and life. They both created their own stories and built them from their own experiences rather than just being good narrators of other’s stories.

When you add digital to storytelling it captures those stories as well as adds visuals, sound, and messages that words alone can not. Digital allows sharing to more people. Oral history and great storytellers of long ago are memories – but we do not have their gifts to pass on to others. With digital stories sharing is exponential.

DIY, Errands, Relax-One Day Collage

My Day Collage

Compose one photo that consist of at least 10 photo of your day. Starting with the morning and ending with the night. A collage of your day. tdc1112

Had to remember to take a picture at different times during the day. Also forced me to get into Picasa in order to create the collage and keep it all under 20 minutes of effort for the day. Not an exciting day – but a productive one. All this creating got me to wanting to create in my environment – my home. Walls in the basement were taped and ready for paint and have been since we moved in 7 years ago! So today, primed and painted! Love all this creating!!

Eyes Have It


eye selfie

Make your eye selfie to support the idea of interpersonal attentiveness and become part of the art installation now doing the rounds in Europe.

One of the tasks that breaks the illusion of who you are and what you look like. I see age and a longer journey in my eyes that is not present in others. It also brings to reality that from the other side of the lens you see yourself differently. The outside packaging doesn’t always match what is inside. 🙂

Also have now learned that when cropping and editing a photo it may not pull into the dailycreate stream nicely – all I have is part nose and edge of glasses in the stream LOL. Oh well – maybe it gets people to click and move farther than they would otherwise…..yup, I am going with that thought – just trying to help community connections. 🙂

Really don’t like this one. Where did all those wrinkles come from?!! It is so not the view from the other side eyesof the lens!  As a photograph I do like it – the lighting the highlights and shadows. 57 years but hoping and working towards another 30+ to go and have no intention of my inside being anything like the outside as I go forward. Too much to learn, too much to experience and too many people to meet. Love diversity and change. Thanks for the companionship along the path of life – no matter who you are.

Bootcamp Smashed! Unit 2

I am posting prior to the weekly deadline of the student sections because I started my unit seven days ago – so this is my Sunday night.  A good tip – I did take the advice of previous ds106 students and added to the summary as the week progressed so that at the end of the work being done it is just some tweaking and voice to be done. That was an excellent piece of advice and good to learn early in the journey. So here is my unit summary for Bootcamp week 2.

blogregister I have confirmed that I can fill out a web form and follow directions!! My blog is registered on the DS106 Openonline page feed. 🙂 Happy Dance for Digital Mustard!! Having an established identity for the blog creates a different feel and perspective for doing the work. It is mine – not the courses – so its my creds on the line now. Name your blog and own it – another nugget to collect.

Customizing my Blog

This part is a satisfying accomplishment. In my past professional work there were many different tools to be set up and configured as well as designed. Websites, communities, LMS, email templates, virtual conference rooms, etc. Creating for a business group is different in that you have other factors to work in to the mix and pleasing multiple stakeholders. In many ways this is another way for me to see if I can “cut the mustard”. Can a establish an online presence that reaches others, makes sense, communicates well and is sustainable and maintainable in a real life situation? That is yet to be determined.

Themes: – SO MANY THEMES!!! One could get lost for days just looking at themes.

  • Does the theme have a good layout for widgets?
  • Clean and minimal? Colors and Pattern?
  • Text dominant or graphic dominant?
  • Do you want to pay or try a free option?

Settled on the 2011 default theme. It gives me the option of a rotating header graphic to include some of my photos without having to change the header all the time. I like the randomness and the dynamic nature. The theme also allows me to pack in content through widgets and posts and not have all the “noise” around it of background graphics and colors.

Personalizing with my own pictures was important. Having widgets for my Flickr and Instagram another plus. Tying in community thru the Twitter feeds was also important. While I can use Tweetdeck – a quick glance in the blog does a status check without getting sidetracked when trying to do other things.

Blog Menus: Establishing a menu for navigation and categories to keep things organized and flowing came next. Tagging is still a skill to improve upon. I tend to create too many new tags instead of confining to a set. I am also trying out the sharing feature in order to push my comfort level on the fact that others could indeed be interested.

I do think it is already starting to reflect who I am and how I am and will be growing thru this process and onto #ds1064life by taking my own spin on suggestions or guidance given. I especially like the comments back that allow me to find out things about myself that I didn’t realize were showing or how someone else may view.

Things I would like to do in this space would be that after completing the ds106 units that I have been successful in establishing my place and my voice and can continue to add and expand for some time to come.

ARGHHH!!! – Just found the toggle bar! I was wondering why this theme didn’t let me format more!!! Should have remembered – the same thing is in Moodle now and other online systems.

While I am currently owned by wordpress.com and have not installed my own on a domain – I will get there in the future and be able to export to a new installation. Since my day job often involved systems configurations, the chance not to have to install the plugins etc. was a relief. However, I KNOW I will want my own domain and be out from under the constraints of the mass provider. But I also am one who believes not everyone will be able or want a domain of their own so this journey will help in my understanding how others can accomplish similar success within a hosted service.

EMBEDDING – Flickr did not embed at first.Solicited help from the ds106 community and got some ideas, mostly what I had already tried – but they did spur me to think differently and kept me focused on finding an answer. Turned out to be a default setting (?) under Permissions/Privacy in which the option “Hide from 3rd parth and API search engines…..” was selected. So when wordpress.com would go out for the embed, it couldn’t find the picture and would leave it as a text link that had to be clicked. Problem solved and working now. Cool beans!


http---makeagif.com--media-1-19-2015-d7oxyMAnimated GIF – Say it like Peanut Butter: This was an assignment and actually became fun after I got started. I can now see why it becomes addictive.You can read the blow by blow details if you like for these 3 different Wonderful Life GIFs. I went from not a clue to using some wysisyg tools as well as started explore Photoshop and other tools for creation.  sayitlikepb I think the power of being able to use this method with an actual message or stathttp---makeagif.com--media-1-19-2015-MVqrgcement is the full implementation. It is also one of those things that takes time and the output_ThglMAbetter it is, the longer it will take and the less noticed the actual process is and more importantly the message is conveyed. When I get to the point of hitting the message strong and no one commenting on the techniques or tech of the gif I know I will have arrived.Still working on the animated GIF concept and trying a GIF Fight – which will probably be a hangover into the next unit.

Gardner Videos: At this point as an open course participant I am opting out of a fully written analysis and reflection of the Gardner videos and bags of gold. I did enjoy the videos, but at an hour plus each, as entertaining as he is, I drifted. Some of that was time of day I was viewing and also because his message was not new to me. It was validating and good to hear his delivery. Some of the other participant reflections I read were spot on and had me cheering. The downside was it reminded me so much of work and getting people on board in their enlightenment and understanding of personal cyber infrastructure. At this point in time, I am focused on implementing the process and the thoughts rather than creating the band wagon to get others on it. The mood will eventually strike me and I will most likely reflect and post at a later date under Chasing Shiny Objects.

NOIR: I think some of my distraction from the Gardner videos were the posts and tweets around NOIR. The instructor sections are taking ds106 thru noir and sounded much more interesting at the moment than the videos. I probably won’t go down a full noir path – but sampling and taking on some of those activities in place of the ones in the headless course may show up. The characters students are creating are fantastic! I read some of the background and am trying to learn about noir.

Daily Create:  IMG_1555Thank you #noirds106 sections, #ds106 and #4life participants! Following the parallel activity of the 3 sections ramps up the energy for learner independence of an open course track. You automatically have travelers with you on the journey. Seeing the instructors post for students and watch as they create and figure things out as one class in their busy schedules and life is such a boost. The creativity and innovations, views and discoveries coupled with seeing it all thru diverse lenses of individuals from all stops on the path of life. I am fortunate to have embarked at this time. You guys rock! The other community section consists of those who have passion for this journey and could bleed ds106 – another great resource. The diverse nature of the community adds significant energy to the creative juices and the support to push the sides of the box out of the way and take chances.

How does this relate to Daily Create? Well – the instructor lead sections are working for points and they have to do a daily create – DAILY. Yeah – how about that?

My muses for some of the challenges were Janelle Pierangelino at the Original and Only Janelle Pierangelino and Mia Boleis at What’s Up Mia? in the instructor led sections. 

Cat on a Synthesizer in Space


Some of My Daily Creates

Framedflage - tdc1108

Groove Space Feline

Full reflections and details are on the Daily Create section

So – How do I feel about #ds106 after unit 2? – For being January in Wisconsin I am feeling absolutely fabulous about #ds106. I don’t know if it is New Year organization tendencies or what – but I am welcoming the efforts needed to tackle things. There is frustration, feeling overwhelmed, feeling less than adequate. There is also energy in accomplishing tasks and seeing a thought come to life in a creation. Mostly there is this connectedness and energy of meeting new people without really meeting them and catching their energy. It brings warmth to the heart and soul to see creating and connecting and especially the unconditional support of each other without any previous relationships.

Keep it up #ds106 ers! Love it! Embrace it! Fail forward! I’m along for the ride and looking forward to it.

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