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Create a word painting tdc1113


Many of the challenges are tempting to take farther and probably will show up somehow in an assignment, a reflection, a more full production. HAvE TO REMEMBER TO KEEP THEM IN PLACE! Enjoy them, have fun with them and think of them as my “sloppy copies” of great things to come!. I am pacing and repeating to myself to stick within a 10-20 minute timeframe so they become the appetizers or the energy juice towards a fuller more detailed creation. These are not suppose to be more than just playing with ideas and looking at things you might not have done otherwise. To create something each day and see how it may one day grow into a more complete creation. Also to keep one open to new ideas, processes and opportunities. Staying the course keeps it within reality and doable without losing out on the opportunity to create and stretch mind and imagination.

For this one I used a photo I took and added the word art through Photoshop.

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