Boys Back in Town with Sound!

I like the animated GIF – but the song kept running through my head!

I converted the frame animation to video and added a short rift from the song “Boys are back in Town”, by Thin Lizzy.

2 Versions – the 9 second clip and then the 9 seconds looped 3 times. There is just something about visual and sound together…..

I ran into issues. Photoshop to video isn’t smooth. I found that out on the Sketchy Groom creation. When I rendered the GIF as video it dropped a layer and swapped a layer. I left it as it was and then imported it into iMovie to trim and transition. PhotoShop probably could do the corrections, but I found it requires going back in versions and redoing some things again. I wasn’t in the frame of mind to want to climb that hill. As rendered video it also changed the ration of the photos cutting off top and bottom. Since it is so short – it still seems to work. Not sure that they will ever be used too closely together that someone would notice the differences without viewing a few times. The brain is a wonderful thing when it comes to filling in the missing pieces. 🙂

Here is the original animated GIF. I still like this better visually.

I guess these 3 are going to have to be put on the character page with bios now that they have shown up so many times!

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