Well as luck has it – being stuck with my leg up in the air and being confined – along comes GIFITUP 2016 – so at least I have had some time feeling like something was getting done.

I haven’t been making a lot of GIFs the last few months  – but using the DPLA archives always is a treat in creating new art. It is quite amazing to view the submissions. Last year I submitted 3 and I did the same this year. I thought I would be farther along in my skills by this year- but …eh…not really. It does become a learning process. I learned new features in Photoshop and new tools to use. Community of ds106 provided feedback and by doing so pushed me to go back and do more tweaks.

I am not going to document the process of each one this time – another habit to come back too.

Here are my 3 submissions:


Watch out for the Trunk! #giffight

This was just calling out too much fun! But by the time I got to it – so many had created and done such awesome solutions that it was intimidating to attempt and hard to think of something that might be different. BUT that is giving up and remembering this is fun and play and competition is with myself fueled by the ideas and work of others.

I am heavy into baby shower planning and creating for my daughter and first grandchild. Elephants are the theme around our parts now – so after creating invitations and book labels I moved on to this GIF, but continued the elephant theme.

I found a short clip, pulled it into PS and it came out to 327 frames. I scanned for a part that had movement and stayed as much in one spot in the frame as possible. Got down to 17 frames. Cut the cowpoke out of the image for the gif fight and put him on the elephant in different angles. I was able to get rid of 10 more frames as the movements were too small to make a difference. Added a horizon to the top of the frames after things were set so that it was the same and went into each frame. Final was to make each frame B&W and play with the timings.

This was fun. And also raises questions about Westerns on the plains of Africa???

Loose Toulouse….

Loose ends getting tied up – well at least some in this game of life.

When I started going through the archives for the GIFItUp2015 I had bookmarked this Toulouse Lautrec poster as a possible subject to GIF. I have always liked the style of Lautrec and I could see the confetti flying. I just wasn’t sure how to do it. I need to remember that GIFs allow for the eye and brain to fill in the “in-between” and every hair of movement isn’t necessary. The mind is a wonderful and amazing thing.

I thought Puppet warp would be the way to go – as now that I tried it I think I should use it for everything. WRONG. After many attempts it turned out to get this to work I needed to scale back and get simple. A frame with eliminating some of the hands, and then adding the confetti and words in a waterfall motion down the page. I used the pencil tool and the dry brush setting for the confetti sections.

A little more care could have gone into removing the center for work. I used the clone tool -but didn’t attend to all the gradations in color and one frame is quite a bit lighter and sort of glitches out. My goal was to see the confetti fly and finish a vision to an outcome. I will save it for another day and tweak when the time is right.

The other attempts of GIFs for the challenge are here.

Giffing it….

The GIFitUP2015 event has started and many in #4life and #ds106 folks are working on GIFs for submission.

WOW! the submissions are fantastic and very intimidating. But at the same time, it does promote creations. I am not even in the farm league in this thing. I started to work on some things but gave up. But true to the ds106 world others were having ups and downs and the connections allowed for feeling good and being inspired – to sweat through the frustrations and finish something. The power of community and peer pressure to try your best. Shows what being connected can do for someone – keeps you going when the going gets tough.

@mdvfunes shared her ups and downs – but also support. By responding to her trials – she found a way to suggest to me – a true give and take and give. Mariana finished a wonderful GIF. RonaldL and JohnJohnston have been active and by sharing their work they opened the doors and windows to continue. The power of just a short comment is so powerful. It really shows the wonderfulness of simple courtesy and good will can move mountains.

By sharing my drafts suggestions made that took away the heavy frustration of not being able to make my visions reality. But the cool part is sharing the visions -others got it and saw it too and then offered some tangents to follow.

The result was I got to a point of finishing a submission  – although very rudimentary – and a good baseline for improving over the year and doing better next year.

My attempts were to create the hats in a ferris wheel motion – have not accomplished yet. This one is just in the files as practice.

The second was to have the icons play with a balloon. First attempt ….

and the result after being introduced to Puppet Warp and attempting FireWorks…. the submission:

I also did a couple of birthday GIFS on the fly this week….short and not polished – but to celebrate.

So a GIFFY week of practice!

and I still have a vision of a Toulouse Lautrec poster floating in glitter….it may happen. :-


Did not do well at tracking development. Lots of erasing, cutting merging layers at first. Then Puppet warp to make the hands move in the balloon gif –  I used this tutorial.

I used the grid lines in the Hats to keep the images in the same place in each frame.

For the most part – the standard steps that suggested tutorials cover until I got to puppet warp.

Fireworks – all by the seat of my pants. States are a math problem for me and the preview frames seemed to go slower than they really came out when exported. But I did like how FW smooths things out. Too bad it is a historical app now.

An additional attempt with a Toulouse LaTrec poster….

Not a Hulk- but a Hunk! Giffing #6 B Cing U

Working on GIFs again during this week of self directed learning.

I have been wanting to figure out how to put two layers of action going on and sound. I also was very impressed with the Hulk GIF by Jim Groom and wanted to figure out how to do one similar – but not quite into the comic book genre yet.

I struggled with the two different movements by thinking of them as two different movements. Working with the layers I figured out that I would need to blend the two actions into one to create not blend them after creating.

I captured the b-cing-u footage from The Prisoner with MPEG Steamship and made a GIF. Capturing left it a little dark so for the active frames I adjusted the Brightness/Contrast throught the Auto option so  that they changed as needed rather than trying to set each one at the same ratios. Same ratios would have been jumping instead of fluid. This time Auto was a good choice.

I captured a still of  Number 6 in his handsome pose.

I then split the handsome No. 6 and ended up with a right and a left.

I create a background with text  – sorta of a poster or book cover fashion using the Village font.

The b-cing-u gif I cut down to 12 frames.

It was then creating a layer for each with the split handsome portrait in different spacing to look like it was cut in half and opening.

I then reversed the process to have it look like it was closing. Having the first ones done, I was able to have them in the background and recreate the handsome face closing with the new b-cing-u gif background. Happened upon that by accident  – a good accident!

I set the timing so the full version was longer to loop from end to beginning. I also lengthened the time of the gesture of the B at the forehead to be longer. All other frames were set a the same rate.

Lots of repetition – but worked.

I haven’t got around to figuring out masks yet and not sure if they could have been applied to this rendition.

My next challenge is to add sound to the GIF. another next is to make the image behind to be something different……….

I again used Photoshop because as long as it is paid for and I have it – I might as well use it! I also want to drop it into Fireworks and see if that produces something different.