Daily Create and the Goldilocks Principle

Garden Cut Out

Butterfly Cutout

TDC1298– Make a drawing with a cut out for clothing. Take a photo of your  card and environment to complete the image

Well – sort of took liberties. I did not do a drawing only a photo. Short on paper and drawing utensils and didn’t think of my Paper53 until after doing this.

I found paperdoll cutout PNG form :So Love to Sew Like the Boys. I could not find terms of use – so hopefully attribution is what was needed.

I reversed the image so the cutouts were transparent and then dropped some fresh photos of the garden behind them. Seemed just right for today. 🙂 I am really getting attached to the Goldilocks Principle since doing the video of the 3 Bears! Learning how just right might not always be more, but you do have to do some futzing.

I used PhotoShop in its most basic format. 2 layers. Magic wand choice. Fill with color.




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