Old School Press Release with How to Embed in Blog

I am following my path of assignments – which is the #ds106 way isn’t it? I should be working on design and audio this week but keep getting sidetracked – but all with good outcomes. I am still using the assignment bank or creating them as new assignments to add to the bank.

puffintransblog #Burgeron106  Family Story Time happens weather permitting, under Dr. M’s treehouse near the sum19503134775_58e5801dc3_omer retreat trailer. Readings are for  the children. In order to keep some semblance of family time for the Burgeron’s and not be overwhelmed with festival visitors recordings of  the story time are available for viewing and use.  To deal with the increase in traffic in the region almost all activities of the Bovine County FairyTale Festival are available for virtual attendance 24X7 to accommodate the needs of global (and perhaps extra terrestrial) participants.

The new Burgeron106  PR team saw the need to develop a press release  to help publicize the access to Artist in Residence information. As a member of the fledging team, I needed to learn the ins and outs of a press release. It is a much honored and long time tradition that has not changed as the world has changed. I first researched the news release format. It is simple and straight forward which is probably the toughest part – how to say what is important without lots of words and descriptions – not necessarily my strongest skill. Most recommendations were consistent with each other and I used this page guide while writing.

The following is a news release:

Another feature I worked on was embedding from Google into the blog. Part of this is my learning and trying to develop a strategy for content maintenance and usability. As of now, Google is providing me with options to keep content in order and accessible and only have to update in one space to create change no matter where posted or linked.  Currently in WordPress it is not as straight forward as Flickr or YouTube by just pasting the URL as a line of its own. However it is still an easy process.

Creating in Google and Embedding in WP. There are some steps to this so I created a screen cast thinking that would be easier than listing each step. It is a first run at using Camtasia for screen casts. You can get a trial version. I happen to have it as a perk from a workshop I took a couple of years ago and now am just getting around to using it. They have a great set of tutorials on their support site and many options.  I can see a lot of potential and ease of use, but after a week of video editing – left this down and dirty for this post. If it helps at least one other person – then it is a success. I do want to come back and create a ds106 tutorial contribution using it – just not sure what topic yet. I am also not embedding as a Google Video to make it more accessible to other ds106 participants but could have done so using the same process.

on to the rest of the week and hopefully back on track with Celtic design and Prisoner106 audio!!



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