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village-jim-grooms_John Audio Week!

I have a love hate relationship with audio.

I love the creativity, the possibilities, the small details covered. Good audio is a powerful springboard to visuals and video added.

I hate the unlimited possibilities, the small details  covered and that I forget that I can use my voice no matter how much I don’t like to hear it.

The morning announcement assignment was a good re-entry. With teleporting between villages I have not viewed or caught up with all the episodes. You can’t really write good morning announcements without context.

I decided to use the on hold music that drives Number 6 crazy and makes him bash his phone instead of the marching music. Seems it was repetitive enough and adds the conformity layer. And it did start to drive me crazy too.

I wanted to include my warder role of Designer/Painter into the announcements. I like the accents and my midwest voice didn’t seem right – so I used text to speech and chose Karen from Australia. This doesn’t give the best flow of language – but she seemed to sound pretty good.

I then combed episodes and a review site for audio clips.

Downloaded and gathered the lines I wanted and then started in Audacity. We all know – lots of moving around. Some of the music was too loud in areas and I got into mega envelope tool sets.

After a few hours of tweaking and puttering I still didn’t like it and thought I should record all in one voice. About that time – family intervened so that will have to happen later. I have left it with the multiple voices.

I have included some of the quotable lines I picked up on in listening to episodes and sound clips. New residents have a mandatory painting session in the garden. Hoping the residents can see through it and know it is a way to share information through paintings and choices for bungalow updates. But if they are already on a side or have become a number I am not sure it will help.

The art show is at 4pm and “we don’t know what it means – it means what it is”……

……more later in the week with either an update to this assignment or improving in the next.

2 thoughts on “Art is Information: Announcements”

  1. I know what you mean about audio…I love it when I do it and hate the idea of it when I am thinking about doing it…mainly because I feel my musical skills are zero. You managed to tackle Audacity – I never managed to work with it properly. Only suggestion here would be to have you voice louder or background down a bit to hear you more clearly? Love the idea that art if information 😉

    • Thanks for the feedback.
      One thing I have found with audio is that balance between background and foreground sounds.
      I need to remember to take the headphones off and hear how it sounds. Sometimes after such a long time with headset it sounds right – but I think it is because my ears become conditioned to it and actually don’t hear after a while. Your keen ear picked out what I wasn’t happy with – that is the computer generated voice and getting it clear enough and volume to understand….I may try and level down the background – or just wait for a next assignment and call practice done…..we shall see. 🙂


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