Photos of Information – but whose side?

no6wcamera at fountainvillage-jim-grooms_JohnA photo safari as a resident in the Village is a challenge. It does need looking at the Village differently and in finding meaning in what is right under our noses. Will this assignment keep us from becoming fully assimilated? Or are there hidden subliminal messages in the village to convince us in accepting our stay and conforming? Will the photo safari make you independent or conform? How will viewing other resident photo safari interpretations sway our thoughts? Are the warders setting us up for conforming or escaping?



The photo above is from the deck of my village bungalow. A hint of the lovely gardens provided for our pleasure – but I also noticed at this time through shadows that we are imprisoned! A beautiful path that is fenced so that we can not go farther – the confines of boundaries everywhere and amplified by the late afternoon shadows that I would not have seen if not taking photos.

Photo Safari Album – I am a collector by nature and one who finds looking at things in multiple points of views and arrangements before choosing is necessary and enjoyable. And once chosen is looked at again for yet another iteration. I am going to continue to shoot as I remember during this week and at week’s end see if I have come up with pictures to convey the subjects requested in a later post.

Information is in art. Keep your eyes and mind open. Will you find information in your photos? Will the photos help you in escape? Do you need to escape? Will the photos help you accept your stay?

When asking “What does it mean?” and being told “it is what it is.” , really a reminder not to seek information and an effort for residents not to look deeper –  that information is only for No. 2 and the committee?

I am still figuring this out and will need to gather more photos to check for messages.

n06wcamera Be seeing you.

2 thoughts on “Photos of Information – but whose side?”

  1. Thank you Mariana.
    These are all in my yard or around the outside of our home. Very much a homebody right now in dealing with family health issues and not able to venture out other than routines yet. That may help you understand the lifeline #4Life becomes.

    I may find some signs – you gave me an idea. 🙂

  2. Wow! Did you take those photos near where you live? They are beautiful and so right for our themes….careful though they may be giving out too much information. Did you notice signs and places are also ‘it is what it is’? NO fancy names anywhere? And the question that killed the general is burning on my lips….


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