Vintage style TV shows visitors the Village

village-jim-grooms_JohnI was sent to a resident bungalow this week to help in creating a new arrangement for the occupant.

First priming and painting were done first. The resident decided on Rye Grass green for wall color  – it reminded him of when he was a child and felt like all the cares in his world were lifted by laying in the grass.

In order to conform he needed to have a TV installed. Keeping with the vintage style it was built in to a space and has a retro feel about it. The lion planters are add as decor.

When testing the TV stations it seemed I was able to get an outside signal. Gnomes kept showing up on different channels. I am not sure how I got the signal – but there must be some information in the programming that is running. Either that or as I was teleporting some of them were in the tele-porter with me and are now residents in the Village too!

Be careful – these Gnomes are not usually able to be seen and now they are broadcasting n the Village! Must be some information that needs to be sleuthed.


3 thoughts on “Vintage style TV shows visitors the Village”

  1. Good work! I am glad to see so many Villagers with a variety of television sets receiving a variety of programming. Regardless of what the so-called “master signal feed” provides, there are signals and waves out there ready to be tuned in. Have you not heard the slogan (made famous by Doctor Timothy Leary) “Tune in, turn on, drop out”?

    Take Talky Tina’s warning about gnomes seriously. I saw one on the wing of an airplane once, trying to cause damage in a storm. Only it wasn’t called a gnome but it was called a gremlin.

  2. Gah! The gnomes are terrifying, but it’s a relief to see different programming. I hope this Village resident considers hosting Gnome watching party complete with alcohol-free beverages and canapés.

  3. Well, I would just like to give you a little warning about it just in case you don’t know, but sometimes Gnomes can be a bit mischievous and causing problems that you don’t always want. Just saying. Like if you are walking outside in the garden and then you don’t see one and you trip and bonk your nose or something. Plus, you might drop your hamburger or sandwich if you are carrying it then.

    But I am interested when you are getting those Gnome signals on the TV because I am not seeing them on the master signal feed in the control.


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