1st Daily Create!

IMG_8901My first Daily create! I am in Unit 1 – Bootcamp and figured I should dive in, so got the DC in for today. Feeling good about the flow and tasks – but a little overwhelmed as well. But have always been one to grab on to failing forward so here we go – full speed ahead!

This was the most prized present this year. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law, along with us look to resale and antique shops to find unusual and special gifts for each other. This was one of our gifts this year – goes great in the bathroom and just has something about it that attracts interest.

Daily Create tdc1093 : Submit an image of your most prized Christmas gift. 

2 thoughts on “1st Daily Create!”

  1. Welcome to our little open community. And thanks for sharing your favourite Xmas gift.
    I did Headless 13 run of DS106 in 2013 and never left. the #ds106 hastag on Twitter is your classroom – Alan’s rule applies: if you struggle with anything for longer than 30 minutes ask for help. We are a good bunch and somebody is always likely to help.

    We have a nice little space on G+ https://plus.google.com/communities/110252845880668147936

    Come and join us there too. There is more space to get help and feedback than on Twitter.

    Also – there are 2 DS106 starting soon in case you want to do it alongside other people. Check #youshow15 and #noir106 on Twitter. I look forward to getting to know you as you travel.

    • Thanks for the kind welcome! and the links to the other travelers. I have joined the G+ Community as well. Looking forward to this adventure and especially to meeting new people along the way.


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