2048: Planting Asses: Duh Visual Story POV

Planting Asses 2048

Daily Create TDC1116
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Got some help from the #ds106 #noir106 community. I thought I could use my own images – but flickr wouldn’t register with the Create 2048. Mia came to rescue and passed on what she learned – SKOR!

The back story to the image choices is that my husband likes to visit antique and collectible malls to investigate history and see the origins of innovations we use today. To keep me occupied I chose vintage planters, mostly anything pulling a cart as the subject, to search for and find as well as research the origin and histories. Unlike him – I would purchase and now have a collection of approximately 115 planters. Yeah – sounds like a hoarder! I do try to display them tastefully on each side of the window in our office room.


Then I tried playing the game with no understanding. Got over 1200 points but don’t know why. I was trying to get as many of my pics to show as possible before doing the screen shot for the tdc1116. Took me 7 times to get enough visuals and not have the game end with the game obstructed by share options.

Moving on – I realized there is some method to this game and visually it could be several stepping stones to creating a feeling of accomplishment for the player by the images building a story or upon each other. DUH! Visual story – #ds106 – practice different methods in a daily create to inspire and stretch a more finished complete creation. Maybe another attempt in the future. This tdc1116 did what it was designed to do start me thinking more like a storyteller instead of just using a tool. This revelation came from viewing and trying some other submissions.

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