Cat-eyed Dogs

Cat Eyed Dogs - Pet montaaju time

TDC1184  – Pet Montaaju

Just in case you were wondering montaaju is Japanese for montage. It turns out that Cat Montage is the latest craze in Japan. We want to be inclusive so our version allows for any pet to participate.

I added cat eye glasses and small eyeballs looking left to a picture of Jaxin and Sam. Then while reading sites, @delovelyames had a Groom art poster with some large Groom eyes – so I borrowed them and added them as well for a different version.

I used Photoshop although no special tools or effects because it is a dailycreate.

It is something to see the personality and message of the picture change by adding different eyes and glasses. Could become addicting…..

Big Eyes ala Groom

3 thoughts on “Cat-eyed Dogs”

    • Ahh! you are right…time to get giffing again! Especially with the #noir106 group in agency work….have to expand in directions of my own…..

      but I am working on a share bank built off of your work of the assignment bank. Just working on focus and purpose refinement….stay tuned.


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