Have you ever just felt framed? I am working alongside some classes in ds106 by participating in the Open Course option. January 2015 has 3 sections with instructors in various locations and then a few of us in the Headless Open Course. The instructor led course sections  are taking a different slice and moving through the ds106 experience as “noir” and “noir film”. As I move thru the open course – I may take on some “noir” – once I figure out what it is and what it means. From some quick scans – I see hats and 1930-40’s film references. Somewhat inspired, until I figure out what it is – thought being framed and in hat and in amongst art seemed appropriate for this 2nd unit and the daily create.

TDC1108 Take a picture of you wearing something camouflage, camouflaging yourself in somewhere or anything that you see that is camouflage.

Framedflage - tdc1108

From my involvement in 365 and Daily Shoot – self portraits are like poison! But this challenge made it a little fun and easier to take a picture of myself. Thanks to Mia Boleis’ girafflage picture to get us started – it is so darn cute!!


Used my camera on continuous timed setting in order to get into place and get a few shots in a row. Sometime in the shoot, by focus went out and a few other things – hoping it is only the battery wearing down!

Stayed with the 10-20 minute rule on this one in order to begin to develop the habit and not make each day project productions. The variety is sure to keep the creative flow growing and add ideas to projects.

2 thoughts on “Framed-ouflage”

  1. Point taken Sandy!
    So the message is – believe in yourself and be second to none.
    Seems with selfies now so common one should not be self portrait self conscious. In new environments where you do not know others it is still unnerving to some of us and we are our own biggest critics. But yes – time to get over it! 🙂

  2. I belong to a Flickr group called Self Portraits, so any group finding selfies “poisonous” is just up itself, as the Aussies say. Selfies are a time honored tradition, and I need only say Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Kahlo to make my point. The great photographer Edward Steichen created a set of 12 boxed prints (circa 1900-1920) considered his masterworks; two of the twelve were self-portraits. ‘Nuff said!


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