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Make your dot. Make your mark!

Make your Dot! tdc1126

Since I submitted this as a topic I guess I had to make sure I submitted an attempt!

I found the dot, make your mark through some of my other networks. Being in K12 education, there are things like this for educators to do with their students. The topic seemed on target for #ds106. Why should making your mark and celebrating it be for the under 18 crowd only?! did you click the link to the celebrity dots?

We all make our dot in the world. Through ds106 we are making our own dot beautiful and available to others to experience. The skills we are practicing will last #4life and enable us to be the storytellers and artists to bring others together.

It was great to see so many declare and make their dot. While this tdc is one aspect – the ds106 dots are multiplying and getting bigger. How wonderful it is for others to have access and experience the creations being made. Go forth – continue to create – never stop – ALWAYS SHARE AND CONNECT!

I made my dot with a photo I took in August of a cone flower and a monarch. The steps to make the orb are from a 365 Photo friend @windsordi and make the process simple to complete.

How to do:  Use Photoshop Elements, Paintshop  or any image editing suite with filter tools.
Whatever program you are using, start with a square-cropped image.Under Effects( or Filters),
– select “Distortion,” (or Distort)
…. and then select “Polar Coordinates.”

1) Convert Polar to Rectangle.

2) Flip the image right side up again.

3) Convert Rectangle to Polar.

Bingo! You have an Orb.

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