Racoon Attack of the Turkey

Racoon Attack of the Turkey! tdc1146

Daily Create 1146

Blue and orange are (still everywhere) – it’s the color combination that spells “action movie”.

Make (or modify) an image to make it suitable for an action film poster using primarily teal blue and orange hues.

Not much to say on this one. It looked like an action movie to me – so I dropped it in Snapseed and added some filters put in some orange in the background and left it at that!

Daily Create in the middle of Audio week! – Definitely keeping to the 10 minute guideline. 🙂


Got called out by Erin as to not writing enough for the tdc submission. 🙂

On this daily create the following was done:

  1. Read the prompt
  2. Try the links to the examples – they didn’t go anywhere 404 errors.
  3. Search for action movie posters – there sure are a lot of blue and orange tones!
  4. Try to decide if I will draw, search for someone else’s work to manipulate or see if I had something in my own Flickr files that would work.
  5. Landed on my own picture as an option.
  6. Opened it on my iPad in an app called Snapseed.
  7. Applied some different filters.
  8. Saved.
  9. Opened in Photo shop
  10. Selected the background with the lasso tool
  11. Used Edit and filled with orange – the Snapseed filters left everything too blue and green.
  12. Uploaded back to Flickr and tagged.

Not much else going on as a thought process. Went with first thoughts to keep it within a daily create scope. Trying to establish daily create in the concept of a journal or sketch journal. Thoughts, jots, creations each day that some day may grow up to be a product. The key is doing something each day that is creative and at a point in time taking those creations as pieces and creating a whole.

Thanks for the nudge Erin – you are right – this is worth the time personally for better work ahead.

5 thoughts on “Racoon Attack of the Turkey”

  1. I really like that you posted about this! A lot of the time I find myself just skating by when describing my thought process for something, so it’s good to have people to hold you accountable. Also, I really like the title! Haha it definitely caught my attention.


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