So Sorry to miss Noir106 Radio

tdc1122:  Make a picture with words on them. Your theme: I’m sorry.

I'm Sorry Noir DS106Radio

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Unit 4 is Audio-listening and learning about sound in storytelling and how to use tools to create those sounds and effects.

Sound takes a lot of time to work with – LOTS! Listening, cutting, re-cutting, mixing, layering, compressing….lots of time. Only 2 daily creates completed for this unit and I thought during the day this would be one I would skip.

But then I became time challenged for the second night in a row. I am in the Central time zone and the Noir class is originating from the Eastern time zone. There is no reason for communications to show the time zones when the credit students are all located in the same place. The link is there for the radio line up and independent learners should figure this out. But – I didn’t. Or actually I did, but it didn’t stick in my head and I didn’t change my note that said 9pm.

I opened up Twitter and saw the flood of tweets! OMG – yep an hour late. Reading through the stream it sounded like it was a good one. So I then went to listen to the archive of the radio show. It was good – but what was missing was that back channel talk and interaction. Some activities need real-time interaction with others and not asynchronous.

So my creative energy began flowing. My husband has restored an old radio cabinet. I used a photo I took of it without a flash and the lighting and angle seemed right for this apology picture.
Daily create done!
Under 20 minutes.
Now back to audio work.

Luckily I have two more nights to try and get in on the party!

#noir106 Live Tweet Hour
Feb. 2-4, 2015
9-10pm EST

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