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tdc1121: Ruin-porn photography today
Andre Govia describes himself as “addicted to decay.” Try it today!


What were those doors leading too?

Feb 2, 2015 – working on things for ds106  and not able to get far because of snow. Any decay around the house is under a foot of white stuff! So I went back in my files to this pic. I had thought about using a filter or something, but thought the idea of finding things in decay and seeing the beauty and interest was more of the challenge than just messing something up to look dingy and  decayed. Reading about Andre Govia made it clear it was to find the decay and photograph its beauty – not created imitation decay that was not real. At least that was my take on the info I found.

These are downtown buildings built upon each other probably 80-100 years ago. I am not sure if they connected through these doors or what? Brick outer walls built upon each other and buildings right up against each other.The doors are visible  because the attached building was demolished and now there is an empty lot between this building and another.

Fond du lac, WI is the scene.

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