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March 20th, 2015

The swap is in full swing! The first mailing went out the week of March 16th. I am still waiting for my first arrival. And waiting for my first notification of who received my cards. My blog is not just for my painting – so hoping swap participants can navigate to find this page and leave a message when they get the card.

There will be a blog hop in April of participants. I will put the links for others to follow.

What a great way to start spring!

January 2015

Liberate My Art Postcard Exchange 2015. You have until March 14 to send in your swaps and participate. 

Here are my 5 submissions that I am considering.  All paintings done by me.

pig bluedog bull cow collage


First Postcard!
Card 2 Shipyard!
Cards from Swap!
Humming Bird!

3 thoughts on “Liberate Your Art Connection Page”

  1. Kathy, I received your postcard and I love it!!! Pigs and cows are my favorite animals and you have done them so well. Do you sell your art? If not, you should, very cute. Thank you so much for swapping with me. I have not sent your postcard out yet… it will go out tomorrow, so sorry for the delay. Thanks Again, Janice.


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