March 30 – 2 Cards from Swap!

Received 2 cards today!

This one of sunflowers is from PA – USA

Postcard Swap Card #3

Check out Lynne Forester’s shop on Etsy – BagLynnE

and this cutie is from Nebraska, USA

Postcard Swap Card #4

5 thoughts on “March 30 – 2 Cards from Swap!”

  1. Hi Kathy – I have received your cow postcard and I love it. It’s traveled all the way to Melbourne, Australia which may explain the delay in you hearing anything!
    Regards and hope you had a lovely Easter break.

  2. Aww, the puppy in the wagon is so cute! Also, the lighting in the sunflower picture and the way the text follows the road into the background make it a wonderfully designed postcard!


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