Headin’ up and Movin’ Out! Sign on to #western106

So this is my invitation to all – JOIN #western106 today!

I am a true believer and #4life fan of #ds106 spirit and connection. Just adding another shout out and reach to round up anyone who is interested in some art making and learning fun.


#western106 begins on January 11, 2016 officially, but like many #ds106 adventures timelines are only there to help one organize and to facilitate connections. You are in charge of you and your own learning.

There has been a flux of activity already in anticipation – even that @jimgroom guy is shootin out awesome stuff in #ds106 style. Scout out the traveler blog list as it grows and see who else is riding along. Then add yourself!

I am encouraging anyone who has ever thought they might like to jump into #ds106 to do so now in #western106. Don’t let the activity of #4life bulls scare you away with some of their fancy creations and deep reflections – they do that because they want too and sharing is the new actual – this ain’t no shoot out or competition (well there may be some along the way just fer fun). Some of them just been practicin more out in the back 40 longer, but can always learn new tricks from the colts. This wagon train is stronger and will travel farther with as many different travelers that join on. This is the ultimate time to become a part of a diverse community AND to share and contribute. When you bring together a wide range of skills, experiences, and viewpoints in one focus the wealth and richness is exponential!

EVERYONE GAINS! If y’all scratchin’ yer head on what is this – start here.

As #western106 is saddlin’ up folks on the range have already been yammerin’ and talkin’ about media protrayals, history, inequities on the serious side of life. But also been playin’ and havin fun with creatin on the lighter side.

@cogdog – Alan Levine is a man with no course and is ridin’ as scout and leading the posse in focus.  If you are a kindly sort of cowpoke – keep an eye out for buying him a drink at the saloon for his efforts.

@cogdog has set up a ranch and bunkhouse for gathering and sharing that makes creating together as easy as shootin fish in a barrel. The Western106 Ranch is a great place for bein schooled in how to ds106 create and new folk fresh on the western trail will get their sites in place for some sharp shootin.

As ds106 seems to create #4life members those who are Looking Fer Trouble are meetin up at the 106 Outlaws with Wild Toady. This gang may not be present in some of the Blog riding camp round ups – but will be creating and adding to Ranch work of #western106 along the hills.

Hitchin’ up on the trail will be @phb256 Paul Bond and his UMW one room schoolhouse for more creating and collaboration. And if that ain’t enough – @cogdog is co-wrangling a herd at Universad Sagrado Corazon with Antonio Vantaggiati that will hitch up to the wagon train in February2016.

If ya ever wanted to be a cowpoke, poke fun at cowfolk, or preach n’ teach about the horrors of the past – while you create art western style learning a heap of digital skills, history and life load up that wagon and saddle up!

See you on the range and in the bunkhouse!
What are you waiting for.

Hitch your wagon UP!

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