2015 #ds106 Reflection

Part of my interest in #ds106 was the opportunity to create and to learn from others while I was improving my own skills and developing my learning path to create family memories. I started the journey in January 2015. The first months were following the open course framework and tagging along with the UMW #noir106 learning.  Both provided guidance, community and challenges.

Connecting and learning from the traditional college for credit cohort was energy. A multi-generational and multi-experienced group to learn from and view work. @mburtis, @phb256, @jimgroom – provided entertainment, guidance and plenty of challenges. The student groups – well lets just say I made some new friends and continue to follow their growth and passions.

The other tangent was the open course. Wow! Joining the G+ Community connected me to others. @RonaldL, @johnjohnston, @mdvfunes, @rockylou22, @janweb3, @sandramardene, @annacow, the #burgeron106, @iamtalkytina, @christinahendricks and MANY more. Not everyone posts-  but many read and follow. And at times you will see a post from someone who feels it is time to jump in.

Summer came and #prisoner106 and the #burgeron106 Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival came about. MORE connects and people to collaborate with and create alongside. My GIF skills were put to the challenges along with video and audio. Seeing the #prisoner106 group had a badge, I connected contributions of the #burgeron106 group and created a badge for the group. 🙂

A collaborative video project – Goldilocks and 3 Bears created from audio and design elements created by others as I had the chance to create and edit. A radio show – The Labryinth Tales  for Prisoner106 as a group. And learning how to mashup by creating my own video during video week.

While all this was going on – Sunday afternoons CST would bring #ds106goodspell on DS106 Radio. Tweeting along with others during the live broadcast by John Johnston and Mariana Funes. Some weeks would also lead into David Kernohan and Viv Rolfe doing a live broadcast right after – two great musicians, outstanding academics and really neat people – and Spike the dog too!. And many a late night listening to ds106 radio Vinyl Tracks with @cogdog Alan Levine.

The Daily Create evolved into The Daily. A great way to stay in the create mode. I haven’t been as diligent in following through with doing daily, but do read it each day. I have created daily – but not always from the prompts. I KNOW sharing keeps things vibrant, and sharing in a like create experience builds connections, skills, and community, as well as making sure one is tethered to support. So my resolution is to read/respond each day and make at least 3x a week for 2016.

Fall 2015 – Tales of ds106 ran at UMW and I dipped my mouse a few times, but fell behind. The group did not tweet as much which is my primary way of tracking activity of ds106. Other groups were creating and I along with them. Alan Levine was a keynote for the K12 Online conference and put out a call for submissions of content for him to meld into his presentation as examples. This provided the opportunity to take some work from the summer to another level by putting audio to video and I contributed Ds106 and the Ed Administrator.

Other fall creating was in GifItUP2015. I was WAY out of my league. But what I have learned most about this online world is that you may think you have 1M people looking at your stuff – but you need and are happy if there is one – so why not? There are no body clues, no eye contact, no way to connect unless you put things out there. If you put things out that are not so great or maybe not too polished – chances are no one saw them anyways – BUT maybe someone did and now they understand or see that you did not get sucked into a black hole and fall apart, giving them the courage to reach out or share. Share often, share good, share not so good – be human. I digress – the GifitUP was such a joy and frustration. I started – got stumped – stopped. And then someone in the community would do something or comment and my interest and ability to focus again would come back. I created 3 and submitted 2



– I am personally pleased. I am also even more amazed at the creations and have the bug to create more.

I have learned many things.

  • Videos need to be 5 minutes or less if you want others to view.
  • Design is essential and FUN!
  • keeping track of your personas, your stories, and being you can get confusing
  • connecting is essential
  • taking risks and sharing is of most importance
  • play nice and appreciate others viewpoints and passions
  • audio takes longer than you think – but is key
  • you are your worst enemy. Make art – have fun. There are times when you need to be serious and deep, but many more times when being on the edge and silly will get you into new places that will push you further. JUMP!
  • Tweet often
  • Share more
  • Supporting others will build your own skills
  • OMG – going thru the same stage as @mvdfunes of at the end of her headless13 cohort

NOW I know why @mdvfunes created the 106 bullets! No need to do more now – it has been done – just listen to ds106goodspell and the 106 Bullets. 🙂

So much created and done this year. Even more the work of others viewed and admired. You can look thru the blog archives, and the links to Flickr, YouTube, Soundcloud , My GIFs on Tumblr, etc. on your own (more links in footer) – I won’t repost it all here. 😉

And if you haven’t yet jumped into ds106 – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

Thanks to so many and all who make this a great adventure. On to #Western106 and #outlaws106 in 2016 YEE-HAW!!

Work day Duds - #western106


2 thoughts on “2015 #ds106 Reflection”

  1. What a great reflection and invitation to folks (I had forgotten I was even part of the G+ community). love your gif art and I need to get back to that (i forget how to do them now .. doh …)

  2. What a brilliant story and affirmation of the open ds106 experience. I’ve noted your participation but had not realized how much you have done. Your GIFs for GIFitUp show that level of going beyond frame flipping to truly mastering the form.

    Eager to see what you bring to #western106. I’m adding your post to a storify if #ds106 stories


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