March 30 – 2 Cards from Swap!

Received 2 cards today!

This one of sunflowers is from PA – USA

Postcard Swap Card #3

Check out Lynne Forester’s shop on Etsy – BagLynnE

and this cutie is from Nebraska, USA

Postcard Swap Card #4

Card 2!: Shipyard – Brittany France

Arrived on Friday March 27, 2015

LiberateYour Art 2015 Card 2

Propped it up on my Dragon Boat chatzke.

Artist: Louise Mamet-Berthereau
Check out her other works!


Liberate Your Art! Postcard Swap

I am going to participate in “Liberate Your Art! Postcard Swap 2015”.

Join me!

You take a picture of your art – any kind of art you create that is your own – have postcards printed – 5 of them – and send them off to Kate by March 14. She assembles, sections, puts the postage and address labels on (you send them unattached) and mails them out a few at a time over about 3 weeks. You will receive 6 postcards back from other artists.

There are a few more logistics – but looks smooth. Gets some “happy” in your sneaker mail in April!

 Click the picture for details!

See my submissions.