tdc1100 – The Secret in the Grey Box

tdc1101:What is this grey box hiding? What is it for? Make a drawing of the inside of the box.  Grey Box Secret tdc1101

One of the many vices that can come about doing15654946863_0ace9b3820_z digital work. I am sure there is another grey box with bottles of adult beverages locked up somewhere too! Saw from other posts that digital drawing is a option. Used Educreations on my ipad for this entry.

HELP: Any ds106 folks using as a host – No matter how many times and directions I follow for embedding my Flickr images in the blog I come up with ZERO – just a text link. Any hints appreciated. I need to figure out to save on space for uploads. Add a thought here, Tweet or email.

“9” – tdc964

Started exploring the tdc archive to establish a more daily habit.

9s tdc964
Draw an object only using shapes of the number 9. tdc964

Flickr Image