tdc 1106 – Packer Pets

tdc1106 : Take a photo of an animal doing something funny, kooky, suspicious, or odd. Get creative with it, and don’t just google “crazy cat pics”!

A challenge to photo a pet in action at anytime let alone as an assignment to happen in a certain day! Wisconsin is Packer Crazy – so the pets are in it as well. This is pre-game and everyone is going along with Aaron Rodgers with the montra of RELAX!  Go PACK Go!


Scrimmage Practice

tdc1102 Carry on Young Rider

Carry on Young Rider

It is a legacy forged by generations of people with a passion for motorcycling, a commitment to honor and build on the past, and the determination to seek out new opportunities for the future. Much like a family, gleesingkiddespite intermarriage and even close personal friendships, Milwaukee’s brewers were often an argumentative bunch.

Tonight, however, was different. About that time, Tom made the closest thing a five-year-old gets to make, an executive decision by abandoning kindergarten class for the verdant hills and playground of Riverside Park.


tdc1102    5 in 1 Story

Grab the 5 nearest books around you. (Novels or textbooks, whatever story you’re wanting to make.)

Create a story from the following:

  • The first sentence on p. 1 of the first book.
  • The seventh sentence on p. 5 of the second book.
  • The first sentence of the third paragraph on p. 20 of the third book.
  • The fifteenth sentence on p. 47 of the fourth book.
  • The last sentence on the last page of the fifth book.
  • Give it a catchy title!

tdc1100 – The Secret in the Grey Box

tdc1101:What is this grey box hiding? What is it for? Make a drawing of the inside of the box.  Grey Box Secret tdc1101

One of the many vices that can come about doing15654946863_0ace9b3820_z digital work. I am sure there is another grey box with bottles of adult beverages locked up somewhere too! Saw from other posts that digital drawing is a option. Used Educreations on my ipad for this entry.

HELP: Any ds106 folks using as a host – No matter how many times and directions I follow for embedding my Flickr images in the blog I come up with ZERO – just a text link. Any hints appreciated. I need to figure out to save on space for uploads. Add a thought here, Tweet or email.

tdc1100 Silk Weaving

Ever had the urge to weave some silk? You’re in luck. Design your own weave here.

tdc1100 Great activity to get a Monday started!

This activity was very relaxing and got the mind going. Can you manipulate the fractals to create an image that represents something or will you create just an abstract form? When do you stop? When is it enought? When does it need more? The colors against the back make it visually exciting and the fact that you use touch to create has that hand =-eye thing going on.

Can you tell what I was visioning? (a spray of flowers)


Joy – tdc1098

Sam in Sun
Hey – it’s Wisconsin in January – we take sunbathing anyway we can get it. Who needs a beach!

Tried hard to notice and capture “Joy” sometime today. A cold winter day and stuck in the “cabin”. At least sun is joy with these temps! Far better than the grays of winter.

tdc 1098