Loose Toulouse….

Loose ends getting tied up – well at least some in this game of life.

When I started going through the archives for the GIFItUp2015 I had bookmarked this Toulouse Lautrec poster as a possible subject to GIF. I have always liked the style of Lautrec and I could see the confetti flying. I just wasn’t sure how to do it. I need to remember that GIFs allow for the eye and brain to fill in the “in-between” and every hair of movement isn’t necessary. The mind is a wonderful and amazing thing.

I thought Puppet warp would be the way to go – as now that I tried it I think I should use it for everything. WRONG. After many attempts it turned out to get this to work I needed to scale back and get simple. A frame with eliminating some of the hands, and then adding the confetti and words in a waterfall motion down the page. I used the pencil tool and the dry brush setting for the confetti sections.

A little more care could have gone into removing the center for work. I used the clone tool -but didn’t attend to all the gradations in color and one frame is quite a bit lighter and sort of glitches out. My goal was to see the confetti fly and finish a vision to an outcome. I will save it for another day and tweak when the time is right.

The other attempts of GIFs for the challenge are here.