Masters Golf – Minimal Paper Poster


Dailycreate tdc1185 – If it has to be a movie = Caddy Shack

Create a minimalist paper poster.

The inspiration video for this create was a pleasure to watch. A rare occasion to agree with @TalkyTina as it was better than the real paper creations. I did find myself trying to guess what they were before the subtitle appeared.

It is early in the week – we will see how many #noir106 students are #4Life. They have no points for daily creates this week – only to prove if they are for life by the work they do….who will do some daily creates? Which ones? How many?

Great to see the general #ds106 community step up and make sure there are submissions to keep things going. Would hate to have @mdvfunes be disappointed that her volunteer efforts to keep TDC going each day was not met with some submissions!

I rummaged through the foyer desk for paper to do this. Found some holiday cards stuck away in the drawer and used them as the paper (reduce, reuse, repurpose!) The Masters golf tournament is this week and a big thing on my husband’s list to watch. The green paper brought it to mind right away. A few cuts and placements, camera phone and upload! I chose this picture out of the ones I took because I liked the added shadows from the papers not being glued down.

Dailycreates do keep the art juices running. Try some! 

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