Bride Throwing Cat

tdc1245: Bride Throwing Cats

@talkytina submitted this daily challenge and it was a hard one to resist.

Bride Throwing Cat

I went for the extra @talkytina points and clipped the #priosoner106 cat. Reminded me of #noir106 cat. Not too cute or fluffy – a mysterious black cat. But in a world where points don’t matter – sometimes it is nice to go the extra and take the challenge.

I used the supplied footage from the directions of TDC – thanks for setting it up in infiniteLooper to the exact spot!;416

  • Worked with a screen capture of the cat in photoshop and got rid of the background etc. and made it a layer of its own.
  • Duplicated 3x
  • scaled and sized to look like throwing
  • Found photo with CC license of bride throwing bouquet and imported
  • added it to each cat layer
  • Timeline window – create animation
  • played with timings
  • saved for web as GIF
  • added to Google Drive for sharing with “anyone with the link” can view.
  • Open Google image in pop out window
  • Go to more dots and grab iframe embed
  • In wordpress switch editor to text and past code
  • Save as draft
  • Now the image GIF is embedded and resides in Google Drive. You will not see image in editor, only a gray box with a clip icon. Publish to view and see (below)
  • Deleted first and third layer
  • saved layer 2 as a jpeg and uploaded to Flickr (above)


Challenge from Ben Rimes

I saw a post in Twitter today about a possible assignment for the #ds106 assignment bank.

Looking at the sample it was point on.  A great assignment for design and working on Photoshop or GIMP skills. The sample is part of an Adobe Education Lesson. (you need to set up yourself as a member to get access to – free to join)

I had some time so decided to take the challenge from @mdvfunes (Mariana Funes) and @techsavvyed (Ben Rimes). I also totally agree with Ben in completing something myself before asking others to do similar tasks. Which is probably why I felt so compelled to complete this after opening my beak and suggesting he submit it to the assignment bank. I hope he does try it as well – I would love to see what he comes up with creates.

Originally a lesson for middle and high school students the instructions require a size of canvas and other parameters. There is also a pre-established list of movie combinations to choose from, most likely to keep students working in a lab situation over a week. A classroom situation is not always the best for creating. 50 minutes at a crack of starting up and shutting down. Someday classrooms will change. I think students in a week-long unit an hour at a time have an added burden in creating. Just think of what they might do if allowed to follow their own creative clock! Okay – back to the work….

I decided to use Roman Holiday and National Lampoon’s Vacation as my Movie Mates.

Finding various posters and images for each movie I settled on about 3 from each that had pretty good graphics to start. I used the BluRay cover for Vacation as it was more to the style of the Roman Holiday posters and a better match for combining. Next was pulling out the objects that I thought I could use in a new rendition of a meld. Each object was cut, blended, shaped, saved and copied to a working canvas. I did most of it by sight and sense using layers for each object, text block and the background.

I found a shared template for movie poster credits that helped with creating the text style for the credits.  As I was looking for some advice on creating the credits box I found a great WIKI on graphic design that includes a section on movie posters. I probably should have reviewed this first – but now have it bookmarked for a next creation.

I have two versions of the poster. Still not totally happy with the layout. BUT – I am going to put this one to rest at this point and move on to adapting the task to creating a movie poster for the Burgeron Family Summer Trailer gathering this summer. My thought is to combine Bernie Burgeron (my character) with some of the others in the family and their stories from last summer leading to the Fairytale festival this year. We will see if this comes together or not…..

Thanks for the challenge Ben and Mariana – it was a fun few hours. I’d rate this assignment as 3 stars – maybe 4 if there was more tied to a genre or character.

Roman Holiday Vacation

Movie Poster Meld v2

The assignment is available in the bank here.

Giffing it on down the line

As the #noir106 has wrapped up, it is time to get back on track and figure out this #4life path I have started upon.

One thing I have noticed is that when you are #4life finishing a unit doesn’t mean it is checked off and done. You go back and you go deeper. DS106 is units – not weeks. You do and create in an ongoing state as new inspirations and collaborations come about. So you jump from design to video to audio to design to video and so forth.

Thanks to Rochelle Lockridge, I am embarking on Flipbooks for family stories. I love the ability to join many media and make it a complete story that someone can go through in any way they choose. I was hitting a wall thinking I was going to create videos to music for the last 80 years of family history!!!

This approach also gives me the opportunity to develop and create different media to include. Sound, video, design, photos, and more. It does have the potential for ongoing art creation and getting better at in each media. It also allows one to meet others on the path as they start or continue.

As Spring 2015 UMW has been winding down I have begun to uncover some #ds106 open course people through Mariana Funes #ds106 news. There are a few working on things and the stuff is cosmic! The news feature has helped more than the RSS feed. There are too many spam and other things in the feed that  make it difficult to follow. What I still can’t figure out is why the general open course participants don’t TWEET when they create? All the connections, feedback and connections that are lost. Tweet dammit! Use the hashtag – let the world know you are creating. It’s not going to bring in lots of traffic – but may bring you a person or two that will make a difference in your growth and work.

Now – what I have worked on besides planning my flip book is GIFs. After a few it finally hit me – DOH! these are not slide shows – so now I am on the path of trying to figure out how to make one picture be a story through some short animation. Below are the creations so far and what I am building upon. Still a long way to go especially when I look at John Johnston’s curation of ds106 TV Gifs!  


I have used Photoshop, MPEG Steamclip and my own photos. A tutorial that was helpful was making smoke on YouTube. It helped in making smoke as well as showing me how to use other features in PS.

I also found that using my Google Drive is a good way to share the GIFs and be able to embed them in WordPress… are some of my recent attempts.

Still some learning and some polishing to do – as well as making sure they are a picture story. One creation at a time!

Here are previous GIF creations – I decided to create a category for them under ds106 Assignments.

4LC Agency Under Construction

The journey continues.

As part of a culminating project for #ds106 I will be establishing an agency storyline that may have some #noir106 elements. Being able to create from the energy and ideas of the UMW course adds challenges and motivation. My challenge will be to continue to create in directions which have meaning for me and have some sort of satisfaction of completing or developing, and still keep up connections to the #noir106 community in their last weeks.

I am not sure how many of the #noir106 participants will flip to #4life soon. There are many who I think will find their way back eventually when they have established and can see the top of their own hills in life. Many are still establishing their life maps and 4Life will have a place, but most likely many ebbs and tides. The growth and skills developed will show up in many places in the future and perhaps in some way reconnect with the first community down the road. I expect that many will develop new community networks and model how to effectively connect and collaborate.

This #ds106 life has you reflecting often and looking at things from multiple angles. In trying to figure out a meaningful and self satisfying project these thoughts came to me. How do you sustain connections, community and allow ebbs and tides. When you are a student fulfilling requirements to get necessary credentials – how much do you carry over into life. I am already seeing in my self that weekly summaries are helpful – but really every week? I think not. But I also can see if I don’t do some journaling or documentation creations start to diminish and quality can decline. It is great when someone reads and comments – but even when required – there isn’t much interaction. The summaries need to be done because they are good for self. And if one – just one other stumbles upon it some day – the better constructed it is, the more meaningful it will be and it will make a difference.

I have found that one degree can make a difference in life. I used to think if something didn’t take off or impact many it was not successful. Years later – guess what – the one degree – the one person makes more of a difference than the thousands.

The other life lesson I have learned – Mom was right – give more and you get more. When you sit and wait for things to come to you, or you live in an entitlement state – you generally end up with not much and not happy. There is no reason to be taken advantage of. You give because you can and when you can. If you are in a place in time that you can’t give – then take. Just remember to come back and give some day. I am a true believer in give one get many….try it.

I went tangential! – I was interested in how the #ds106 assignment bank was a sort of community sharing crowd source and wanted to learn the details behind it. With some easily found information I am reconstructing the assignment bank theme into 4LC or in the longer name 4 Life Connect. A place for sharing in different paths and connecting without all the burden of maintaining constant updates and creations -but still reaching out to others.

I am still juggling different groups of stakeholders that could be interested and if it will meet any needs or desires. It has gotten me to create a subdomain, work on configurations, look at connections etc. I also now need to see how this can weave into a story or if it is just a huge project along side a story….whatever – it will be my personal challenges and goals and hopefully maybe one person out there might use at sometime.

So thanks for reading if you made it this far….just open air thoughts to document my journey and the mile marker I am approaching.

Slow or Motion in the Ocean?

Trying to figure out the meld of video week between #Noir106, open course – #ds106 and personalized learning plan.

I think I overshot on this week. Blended using my Dad as my character and video. I got caught up in the content – pics and some scarce video in trying to do an overview or what is becoming a 4-7 minute trailer for his future story. It will be about 6 minutes, but taking days – and still not be what I wanted in the end but a good learning experience.

In the meantime – the UMW students are following their instructor leads and creating building blocks and knocking the socks off me! Brian Goulet – a fantastic video of the assignment talking to myself! It has inspired me to try – but I am still stuck in the mud in getting going on it. His approach was awesome. Brian is a natural in the spotlight too.

This 4life person – Janelle Pierangelino did a smooth into and teaser. She makes it look so easy! It really is in the writing and telling before the tools.

Tiffany – wow! She has shown us how this is about the real person and that life is full of experiences that we can take as building or destroying. She shows us building is the route to take.

And Spencer – the man is a cranking machine! – Can’t wait to see the Lego stop motion!

So for me – I have been immersed in lots of still shots – figuring out keyframes and editing to try to tell a story. This first one will a re-do – a learning experience. As I progress I find how important organization of content and STORY is so important. Kinda like painting a room – it is all in the prep. Finding content, determining a focus and story line – finding the right content to go with the story and how to focus for a viewer without including everything (because you can’t) and getting it down to the high points.

I have spent almost 3.5 days on this so far and it will not show as that when I am finally done – but that is okay. I am already looking ahead at how to improve and what stories are next.

Looking at the assignments – I have also been trying to figure out the skill and when to just you a tool that gets you a product. The WYSIWYG tools are great if you have a specific story and it is complete. They are great for the quick, the temporary the need it for a flash in the pan now.

The difference really takes me back to even what @jimgroom is doing with the Atari games. There is a lot behind all the technology we use. It is becoming mainstream and easy to use so that everyone can look good. BUT – even with the ease – the best will be those with depth and thought. And appreciating all it took to make it so easy is still worthwhile. We will not all be programmers or developers – but it is necessary in creating good work to understand that there was a path to get to where we are now and it  is important.

With all that – here is a use what there is template –  with the learning point of trying to remember to turn my phone horizontal!

More to come… for my Jerry video post!

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