Daily Create #1347 – Make a new photo old.




Since it was a daily create I didn’t spend too much time on it. I switched it to B&W and then added some Sepia filter. I used the paint brush and a splatter pattern that took out pixels. I added dust and scratches – although those didn’t come out like I thought they would and not even sure they are there.

I then pulled it into and iPad app called Bazaart and added a vingette and played with some effects. I just deleted most of my photo apps on the iPad to make room for recording audio for a project. There are a few that would age and do this well – but didn’t want to find the apps at the moment.

I have taken old photos and tried to fix them up and look newer and an assignment for #Prisoner106 did need aging such as this for a book cover. Nice spurt of activity to try some things out and not worry about a full project. 🙂

With more time – the photo could still use some aging…..

Why Chickens Cross the Road and other TDC’s

Why did the Chicken cross the road?

TDC1295 – Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Well – in Wisconsin it could be:

  • Green Bay Packer anything
  • Cheese
  • Beer (or drinking in general)
  • or Custard! (ice cream)

Cut the shirt off of a picture, pasted and skewed-distorted-scaled-perspective-smudged-and erase brushed to get the shirt on the chicken.

pasted a picture of a turtle sundae across the road

Background a picture of a chicken on the road that I took.


No TDC officially – but answered RonaldL and JohnJohnston challenge to make a quick “bcingu” gif.

Used Photo Booth to take 5 pics, dropped in Photo shop, timeline, timing-export as GIF.


Bride Throwing Cat

tdc1245: Bride Throwing Cats

@talkytina submitted this daily challenge and it was a hard one to resist.

Bride Throwing Cat

I went for the extra @talkytina points and clipped the #priosoner106 cat. Reminded me of #noir106 cat. Not too cute or fluffy – a mysterious black cat. But in a world where points don’t matter – sometimes it is nice to go the extra and take the challenge.

I used the supplied footage from the directions of TDC – thanks for setting it up in infiniteLooper to the exact spot!

  • Worked with a screen capture of the cat in photoshop and got rid of the background etc. and made it a layer of its own.
  • Duplicated 3x
  • scaled and sized to look like throwing
  • Found photo with CC license of bride throwing bouquet and imported
  • added it to each cat layer
  • Timeline window – create animation
  • played with timings
  • saved for web as GIF
  • added to Google Drive for sharing with “anyone with the link” can view.
  • Open Google image in pop out window
  • Go to more dots and grab iframe embed
  • In wordpress switch editor to text and past code
  • Save as draft
  • Now the image GIF is embedded and resides in Google Drive. You will not see image in editor, only a gray box with a clip icon. Publish to view and see (below)
  • Deleted first and third layer
  • saved layer 2 as a jpeg and uploaded to Flickr (above)


Paper Sculpting Video Trailer

Daily Create tdc1118

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