Jerry of Eastside for Sale on eBay

As the #noir106 cohort works on character development as collaborations and listens to their audio #ds106radio episodes over the next two weeks, I am opting for some creations based on the open course week 8 for this week. I am of course changing it up and adding my own little slice of the UMW Noir Cohorts to my mix.

I started using my dad as my character. He really doesn’t interact with any of the Noir characters, but the time period I am focusing on now starts during that era. As others create Twitter personas for their characters and will develop stories and interactions I realized these assignments are the updated version of ds106 and Storytelling within the Web.

I began with this first assignment – WebAssignment713. This is a 5 Star assignment. Story telling within the web. I chose an eBay page for this first attempt. I searched for 1955 and came up with some great auction items. I chose to replace the first 9 items with some of my work and other photos of Jerry across his life – just some samples. You can see the screen shot below and go to a working html page by clicking this link: Jerry Eastside on eBay

Story in Web

The eBay story should help in identifying different parts of Jerry’s life and things that happened to him. Marriage, activities, love, etc.

I used X-Ray Goggles to reconstruct the eBay page. I even changed some of the text to #ds106. 🙂 At first I thought I had to change all the parts to go to a page that would just explain that this was all a story and not go to the original products. When I was finished, it produces a page, but the links do not go anywhere – so that step can be eliminated. That makes this more of a one layer kind of presentation which is a lot easier to think out than the multiple branches and side trips that could be created and make this a far deeper and complex assignment. (Update: upon another load and look – the links do work – so now the ones I changed go to a blank page of my site – oh well! – next time!)

I can see using this for different characters in search pages, IMD, and maybe even Facebook or LinkedIn so that you can tell the story but not have to create an account and set up etc. to support. It reminds me of prior to Photoshop and other remixes having a magazine cover with your own photo inserted.

Building a portfolio for a character could easily be accomplished using this method to tell a story.Threading a full trail “in” the web for a character will add dimensions and interaction for readers. This first attempt has sprouted many tangents and ideas of how to use the web as the story for telling. I want to also explore further into how to work with the CSS of a page to alter the content to my choosing.

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