My ears are ringing = Summary Unit 7

Another week of audio creations not only working on some of my own, but listening to others’ work. #noir106 is in group work and producing radio shows that will be broadcast on DS106 radio after the UMW Spring Break. Week of March 8, 2015 – ds106radio

My plan was to attempt to do an audio event of about 5 minutes. I have put that idea aside for now. I am working in Audacity and creating some tracks. I am looking towards a time when I have more purpose for a full audio event. Until then, I am trying to step up each practice by using new tools, features and ideas in using sound.

I started with the theme song. While I felt accomplished, taking music and trying to cut it up into something new was not easy. My final outcome I was happy with – but not as a finished product. There are some choppy transitions that I just couldn’t smooth out and the more I tried, the farther down the path of losing my direction I headed. I decided to stop. At this point, it should be a complete restart. I am okay with that-  this is about the learning. I chose a favorite song of my Dad’s, A taste of Honey played by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.

Next I went to commercial creation. Not because I need commercials, but as the topic and assignment to use for more audio practice. I decided on Oriental Drugs of Milwaukee. This one had 14 tracks going and aside from having to use my voice for the voice over, I was pleased with the outcome.

I had another commercial idea ready to go. Not being able to find anyone to read some lines for me, I had seen in Ronald L’s Google+ post that he had used text to speech for voices. I gave it a try and was happy with the results and that it would add variety to an audio session so it would not sound like 5th grade Kathy on a rainy day passing time creating a one person radio show! I was finding it difficult in deciding if I wanted a female or male voice over. I decided to do both figuring it would be something that could be used by having two different spokespersons. I named my product Riverside Whiskey, named after the park of the Eastside story.

I felt as if I was improving with each creation. Aside from some computer generated voice blips, I was proud of how these came together. I even played them together  – but didn’t post the dual voice track.

Next was an intro bumper. My Dad was a Muppet show fan and like Waldorf and Statler – the grumpy old men hecklers. This pulled together nicely and quickly – in comparison to the first audio assignments. A lot smoother than the previous creations. I did get some feedback that the background music could be louder and that it sounded lost behind the dialog. Looking back at what I did, I can now see before a final export, I should take off my headphones and listen as someone who might find the sound would do. In my headphones the stereo and sounds seem well-balanced – listening just on a laptop speaker the music is a little distant. Tweaking to one or two listening option configurations should probably be done to insure a good sound product.

Spent a lot of time reading other blogs and noir106 assignments posted and tweeted as groups and individuals were completing over the week. Again the learning is happening for me in seeing how others learn and what they discover that I might not see on my own.  I even found a few blogs that were new to me. It is great to see the growth of everyone in 7 weeks. Truly amazing.

Since I am on the ds106 path the same time as #noir106 – some of the traditional students have taken the time to offer feedback and look at my work. That has been helpful and great to be part of an energized and active community. It is great to now be getting some feedback and suggestions too, instead of just a positive comment – which is nice and always appreciated – but the feedback is helpful too. I even got called out by one of the students for not putting enough detail in my write up for a daily create! Terrific!. @mburtis, @jimgroom, @pbh256 all have to be tickled pink at what a great and creative cohort in action right now.

The group radio shows sound fantastic. So unbelievable how well group work in an online environment can pull together. I know it can happen because I have been a part of similar things in the past. What I have enjoyed this time is watching how it develops, grows and succeeds and to see all the light bulbs go off when it happens. Great 2 weeks for watching good practice in action.

I have listened to some that have posted their group shows. I think the “public premieres” will be even more exciting than listening to the soundcloud postings. Listening to the postings now Is kinda like watching the dress rehearsal. Exciting – but definitely not as great as the opening night. It will also be nice to listen the week of March 8 and catch all the little things a first listen does not uncover. The added plus of listening with others will be fun too. I am very impressed with all the groups works and the variety of shows.

I didn’t keep up with the Daily Creates this week – I only did two. Not to offer excuses, but I am creating daily- just not always digitally or to the prompt that is listed. I have a pig painting in progress and also have been doing some window treatment creations for my daughter’s new home. They just closed on Friday the 27th.

buying paint IMG_1903 IMG_0448

The TDC prompts I did compele:

I thought I would create during the UMW spring break – and I still might. But I am also scheduled to paint rooms in the new house and 10 gallons of paint are calling and curtain rods and curtains to be hung. So while the UMW cohort is on break  – I will also be taking a short break.

ds106 – 4 Life.

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