Groom an artifact if @mburtis evidence not produced!

Groom #ds106 Ransom Note tdc1160

The #ds106 #noir106 back story is becoming more complicated as the weeks pass. It seems as covert assignments are undertaken by @jimgroom and @mburtis they are creating more questions and tangents. There also seems that  another entity trying to cause commotion and break up the #ds106/#noir106 lead team. In the beginning of the semester, @mburtis had been portrayed as being unlikable and mean by an anonymous student.

During a #ds106radio tweet along the week of March 8, 2015, it was clear that the collaboration and banter between instructors is fuel for creativity and done with respect and in the spirit of pushing others out of their comfort zones for creative thinking. This camaraderie and connection must be seen as too strong and now the outsiders have seen it as a threat and are trying to create more cracks and a division by kidnapping @jimgroom. Challenging students to produce 5 published creations of @mburtis agreeing or complimenting @jimgroom to create the thoughts that all is not quite right.

…..and where does Black come into this? …..The mysterious location of Bond- is he next to go on assignment? Do all the assignments connect? Or are their teams within the team? Is someone else manipulating the leads and causing some doubt among them? Are they trying to find a weak link or create a weak link in a moment of chaos?

….interesting so hard to predict the next turn of events!

And what happened to the dutch oven?????

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