tdc1100 Silk Weaving

Ever had the urge to weave some silk? You’re in luck. Design your own weave here.

tdc1100 Great activity to get a Monday started!

This activity was very relaxing and got the mind going. Can you manipulate the fractals to create an image that represents something or will you create just an abstract form? When do you stop? When is it enought? When does it need more? The colors against the back make it visually exciting and the fact that you use touch to create has that hand =-eye thing going on.

Can you tell what I was visioning? (a spray of flowers)


“9” – tdc964

Started exploring the tdc archive to establish a more daily habit.

9s tdc964
Draw an object only using shapes of the number 9. tdc964

Flickr Image

Joy – tdc1098

Sam in Sun
Hey – it’s Wisconsin in January – we take sunbathing anyway we can get it. Who needs a beach!

Tried hard to notice and capture “Joy” sometime today. A cold winter day and stuck in the “cabin”. At least sun is joy with these temps! Far better than the grays of winter.

tdc 1098

tdc1097 Boring Commercial Attempt: Paint Drying

Daily Create: Make a commercial more boring than BLAH Airlines

I have not used iMovie since version 2! Tried to stay to the 20 minutes or under for the daily create – so winged it and fumbled to figure out what to do.

Used my iPad for video – need to remember to use horizontal when doing video! ugh!!

Used a template to speed the process up – not to bad, but look forward to more detailed creations.

Not liking my upload speed of home internet service…..

This is not anything near golden globe status, but at this point of my journey it is making sure I do create and I do follow thru on something. The more practice and doing, the better it should get. Looking forward to using this as a baseline and seeing improvement.

1st Daily Create!

IMG_8901My first Daily create! I am in Unit 1 – Bootcamp and figured I should dive in, so got the DC in for today. Feeling good about the flow and tasks – but a little overwhelmed as well. But have always been one to grab on to failing forward so here we go – full speed ahead!

This was the most prized present this year. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law, along with us look to resale and antique shops to find unusual and special gifts for each other. This was one of our gifts this year – goes great in the bathroom and just has something about it that attracts interest.

Daily Create tdc1093 : Submit an image of your most prized Christmas gift. 

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