Hummingbird and Heron – Story Gifs

puffintransblog Native American Fairy Tale week and GIFs!

This is a GIF to go with the story the Heron and the Hummingbird.

The story reminds me of the Tortise and the Hare.


My own acrylic painting of a  hummingbird and heron  photographed and turned into GIfs.

Cut out the wings and added frames with wings in different rotations.

With Heron – cut out heron and then added frames of it in different places on canvas. Took part of the background from another water painting and content aware scaled to fit PS canvas and merged the 5 heron frames.

Created screen animation and set timings – exported for web.

Passing time in the Village – Chicken GIF

A relaxing day in the Village while No. 2 is missing. Not as productive as @byzantinebooks, I saw that he spent the day working in his bungalow as well. Then I saw @iamTalkyTina posting the catapulting chickens so decided to work on getting my chicken to actually cross the road.

Still trying to figure out the multiple layers of making things look like they weave in and out. I wanted the chicken to go behind the one with the shirt. I would get close and then all of a sudden I would have a frame with 6 chickens in the loop!

Should have went to FireWorks – but needed to stay mobile today.

Rather liking the slower pace – maybe that is a plan. ūüôā

Time for some real rest tonight – and a couple of days of some things to catch up on…..hope to not come back to things on Thursday and be too far behind.

Penny Farthings and Puffins Everywhere

village-jim-grooms_John  puffintransblog  Penny Farthings  РIt is like when you get a new vehicle or a new addition to your life Рyou begin to see them everywhere when you had thought they were unique.

So goes the Penny Farthing. Since summer of Prisoner106 has started I am seeing the dang things everywhere!

Cathy Jo Nelson – who I follow on Flickr and some ed tech groups posted this picture recently.

Let's go ride a bike...

We were out at a consignment shop we like to browse thru and again!

Then my husband and I are watching American Pickers on TV and they are looking and buying a penny farthing!

Then as I was watching “The General” I kept the stream running when it was over to watch the credits and the Penny Farthing was there again.

Needless to say – this called out GIF to me. Add to it, Rochelle Lockwood created another puffin with a Prisoner106 theme. Puffins are showing up as much as penny farthings and gnomes…..

I downloaded the end of the General, used MPEG Steamclip and trimmed to capture the penny farthing. It turned out to be 450 frames! Wow! At first I thought I was going to have to take each and figure out how to remove the text credits. After going through the clips I found there were at least 1 text free frame between each credit change. So I went through all 450 and came up with about 20 frames – much more manageable.

  • Loaded them as a stack into Photo shop.
  • rearranged layers so they were in the right order of building the penny farthing
  • Created frame animation in timeline
  • set timings to .2 seconds and a little longer at the end to smooth it out.
  • exported for web as GIF

Next was adding the puffin. I duplicated the file and then added the puffins by merging them into a layer. I added the aristocrat puffin as a new layer and chose add new layers to all frames. Worked on some timings again then exported. I also did a little color change. Because of the tones it did not give a dramatic effect but I tried 8 and 16 colors which give it a different look.

I wanted to have the princess puffin flying through the frames – but truth be told – I was tired and not up for the steps at the time….but it may come yet.

I Resigned and Can’t find a bed that fits….

(this gif by John Johnston will be used to identify my Prisoner106 posts. Look for the Puffin Fairy icon – designed by Rochelle Lockridge for Bugeron106 posts)

Prisoner106 Committee Report Week 1:

During this week I resigned to the village. However I am not a number – I am the Interior Designer/Painter in the Village. I still have tasks and work as part of the Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival PR Team and spending time with Bernie Burgeron LaSusa as she meets and becomes acquainted with her birth family. Cousin Ron and others are assisting in helping find where on the family tree Bernie we belong. We do know Bob is our Uncle. Other Burgerons are welcoming, but having trouble trying to figure out how to refer to us, and we are no

Assimilation week was spent getting to know the lay of the land in the village and to start to meet the other residents. I created my information card successfully after some tries and it was accepted by Number 2 and the committee.KOartVillage_InfoCard

Talk Tina has blown away all the residents of the village with her introduction pieces. I will need some of the time ahead to work on reaching that bar. I did however create some introductions.

Flickr: Here is a shot of me in my Village workroom. This is where I upcycle and create things for bungalows and other parts of the Village to keep everyone functioning as well as having aesthetically pleasing surroundings. Happy residents, are residents who can create, so their environment must make them comfortable and feel at home.

Village Intro Picture

Another part of assimilation week was getting my blog in order. Adding the Prisoner106 badge was not looking good in the last theme and it was time to resign it as well as myself. A new theme was put in place and a few tweaks. The theme was cleaner looking – but still lacked some personal touch and identity.

I decided to make a banner to represent the summer retreats. I am able to communicate outside of the Village- but it seems not with everyone Рonly Bovine County and those involved with the Fairy Tale Festival. I am thankful I have that bit of flexibility and will guard it well. To identify that fact so other residents and family know that the twists of assignments are intended I created a dual banner. As this is a 106 iteration Рit had to have GIF features. This also gave me a chance to work on getting deeper into GIFs. The result is at the top of this page.

Andrew Forgrave Р another resident created an assignment to build a repository of Prisoner106 GIFs. Another opportunity to do a different style of GIFfing.

Fuzzy #6

#6 Thinking

Have You Resigned yet?

You Will….

In order to earn my keep and stay in my bungalow at the Village, my work time with Bovine PR had me working on supplying some audio for one of the Artists in Residence and do some first research into sound effects for a retelling of The Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

I also supported the festival and artists in residence by completing a Bovine Badge for identification as some Village residents are also Artists in Residence.

I am using different icons on my own posts to help friends sort out the complexity – well at least a bit – I can’t even keep it straight on most days and I am in the Village and the Trailer! I¬†was reading Holland fairy tales in the Village Library¬†to keep up with the festival timeline and as a result created the Badge, and worked on some web structures for the newsletter sharing.¬†It was a fail for helping the newsletter, but solved some other issues for the future in posting work myself.

What I enjoy most is traveling through the Village and the County to view the work of others. So many things to see and view. I am meeting new residents and family as well as seeing their unique talents. I have more columns in my Twitter Feed to follow and find that as my primary link to what others are doing. I need to get back into the habit of favoriting the tweets to embed them along with some shout outs in the coming weeks. I have come across the Village Philatelist – Geoffrey Cain, and learned about creating stamps as well as some real help in understanding the show. Bill Smith – Retired Eminence, created a Flickr group for residents to add photos to – super for trying to keep all this organized! Thanks Bill.

The most frustrating piece is not being able to do all that I would like in a week.
The part I have the most difficulty with is getting to view the episodes of the Prisoner and tracking the story. It is like reading РI can watch it (call the words) without any difficulty, but when asked what does it mean Рeh? not so on top of it. I am learning more from reading the reflections and analysis of others, and the questions and conversations going on about the story then from independently reviewing. I think I have always been like that РI need a village to learn and the back and forth thinking out loud.

Daily Create:

Famous Art Embedded in Daily Life

http://ds106ra.dio/listenUsually in addition or instead of¬†a daily create, I schedule some Sunday afternoon time (2pmCST and 8pm across the big pond) to listen to DS106Radio. #106goodspell and @dkernohan and @VivienRolfe as I work on creations. The shows always seem to pump up some creativity – so I do consider them my own daily create. Kind of follows the topic of the bullet point in #ds106goodspell today on all the ways out there being used by groups to create daily in some way. And not to miss him….I usually find @cogdog spinning vinyl later in the evening to help me through the late night posting catch up!

I am working on some Bovine County visuals and may or may not get to more Village work so posting early on Sunday. ūüôā ¬†My #Burgeron106 Summary ¬†– and I may end up combining them in future weeks -so watch for the icons within the post to help guide you through my thoughts. Plenty of time to relax in the Village again on Monday. See you around.


Split Geography Residences-New GIF Theme Banner

All the new adventures for this summer of 2015, it just seemed right to update the blog and give it a fresh look for the work ahead. It also gave me the opportunity to follow up and do another GIF after creating the Bovine Badge for Artists in Residence to see if I actually am learning or if it was chance and luck that things worked out. I think I am learning! Look above for the outcome of the banner. DesignAssignments, DesignAssignments1412

Summer 2015 and I am now a multiple residence individual. Wisconsin folks often have a primary home and a home “up North” that they go to on weekends, vacations and certain times of the year.

This summer I will be an Artist in Residence at the Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival and staying at the Burgeron Trailer. Looking  forward to nights around the campfire, listening to Nanalou and others tell stories and maybe a cup or two of family made beverages that will help me overcome my fear of music week!

My other residence will be The Village. I am not sure where it actually is located. Most check in and even when checked out can never leave. I am getting there and back via Dr. M’s teleporter from her treehouse near the trailer and also by hitching a ride with Cousin Ron on his famous time cycle. ¬†I am looking forward to meeting some of the residents there and find out what all this number stuff is about. Number 6 seems to have a real need to leave the place and is providing some interesting down time for me in trying to follow his adventures.

To finance my stays I am working on the Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival PR team in Bovine. I needed a little more funding – so I am also the Interior Designer and Painter at the Village. Hopefully, between jobs and traveling, I will be able to keep up with my creating and assignments. I hear if things are not done according to schedule in the village, I will lose electricity in my bungalow. That won’t help keep my laptop running to get things done.

Gotta go – the Sunday deadline is approaching and Number 2 and Rover will be looking for things. I also have a load of Holland fairy tales to pile thru and figure out the trail of web story they have left.


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