Watch out for the Trunk! #giffight

This was just calling out too much fun! But by the time I got to it – so many had created and done such awesome solutions that it was intimidating to attempt and hard to think of something that might be different. BUT that is giving up and remembering this is fun and play and competition is with myself fueled by the ideas and work of others.

I am heavy into baby shower planning and creating for my daughter and first grandchild. Elephants are the theme around our parts now – so after creating invitations and book labels I moved on to this GIF, but continued the elephant theme.

I found a short clip, pulled it into PS and it came out to 327 frames. I scanned for a part that had movement and stayed as much in one spot in the frame as possible. Got down to 17 frames. Cut the cowpoke out of the image for the gif fight and put him on the elephant in different angles. I was able to get rid of 10 more frames as the movements were too small to make a difference. Added a horizon to the top of the frames after things were set so that it was the same and went into each frame. Final was to make each frame B&W and play with the timings.

This was fun. And also raises questions about Westerns on the plains of Africa???

Prisoner GIFFING – Number 6 Repository Adds

After a couple of days working on GIFs I have to admit – the ones from video clips come to me as storytelling and drawing out and explaining meaning or understanding from the work of others stories. Creating GIFs from scratch to add to one’s own story is different. They are both great and fun to create – but there are different GIFs for different stories and purposes. Great to be learning the difference and how to make them!Taking the GIFFING Challenge thrown out by Andrew Forgrave.

My submissions to the Prisoner repository – Assignment 1744

Fuzzy #6

Fuzzy # 6 without gas – after looking this seemed a better fit and still tells the story.

#6 Thinking

Have You Resigned yet?

You Will….

I used Mac Downloader and went to YouTube to capture the opening sequence of the Prisoner.

After scrubbing through the clip I selected In and Out points and then trim. This gave me my clips.

Saved as Image Sequence and exported out.

I went to Photoshop and used Scripts- Load as files

I added and cleaned up any images as needed.

Went to Timeline and then created frames from layers.

Played with timing of frames to get what I wanted.

Export>Save for Web (Legacy).

Number 6 was born in 1928! So in the first episode he was 40 years old. Today he would be 87!!! Wow!