A break from digital….Hummingbird


April 16-18 Blog Hop:

Hello to the LYA2015 Blog Hop Participants! The blog hop is attached to this post -but if you click on the links below you will see the other posts specific to LYA2015. Also feel free to explore the digital art created for ds106 throughout the blog..

First Postcard!
Card 2 Shipyard!
Cards from Swap!
Humming Bird!
Getting Ready for Liberate Your Art 2015

A friend I have made thru a 365 Photo group connected me with LYA. She participated last year. It sounded easy enough to do and I love mail. I took some photos of my paintings and had cards made up at Costco. Kate’s instructions seemed clear and simple and off the cards went.

I am one to believe that the “new wealth” of society is sharing. The more you share, the more you grow, the more your life gets richer. It is also about creating. Innovation in work and creation for personal pleasure and accomplishment feeds the soul. This swap built on that and returns 10 fold.

It has been great to see everyone’s work and truly inspiring and good for the soul! DS106 is an open online course that focuses on making art and using digital tools. I love creating, I love sharing!, and I chase shiny objects so I really have not settled into one genre or type of art. Hope you enjoy and thank you for your sharing – it is wonderful! You make the world a better place.

Thanks most of all to Kate for making this possible.!

My post for ds106 follows:

Took the afternoon to do non-digital art today. A group (community) activity which is socialization and fun. Not my usual style or subject matter but it was 3 hours that went by quickly.

In #ds106 style:

  1. Canvas and paint
  2. Work in layers
    1. Background work from light to dark in quick X brush strokes.
  3. Dry with hair dryer
  4. Paint in leaves of flower
  5. Block in flower shape with white – triangle and circle.
  6. Fill in with purples
  7. Block in hummingbird with white. Put in spine, circle for head.
  8. Add wings – from neck straight ling up and flowing curve.
  9. Second wing just behind.
  10. Fill in with color
  11. Add tail feathers
  12. Add beak and eye
  13. Futz and putz until you like it or give up!
  14. Sign it.

Adult beverages encouraged while doing – however this was an afternoon session and I was on my own – so just a diet coke. :-).

I like the community painting. I get to meet others, see some great art, be inspired by all the different versions and interpretations and come out with a finished product.

It gets me going again to create on my own and try to figure out new views.